Ben Nevis is “highest” point in UK after climbers caught using summit shelter to “hotbox” weed


BEN Nevis has emerged as the “highest” point in the UK after climbers were caught “hotboxing” weed at the summit.

Two hillwalkers were spotted amid a thick haze of smoke inside the ruins of the observatory on the 1345m (4,411ft) peak, which is now an emergency shelter.

The hotboxing – smoking cannabis in an enclosed space to increase the effect – was rumbled by Murray Cheshire.

The 24-year-old was breathing the crisp, fresh air on the summit when he detected the pungent odour of marijuana.

The engineer from Kinross then realised the smell was coming from the observatory ruins and realised two fellow climbers were inside with joints and beers.

Murray’s post on social media.

He posted a snap of the shelter taken while the hillwalkers were hotboxing and posted it to social media with the caption: “Climbed Nevis…yesterday to find two dudes hotboxing the wee den at the top.”

Speaking today Murray said: “I got to the top and I noticed a smell of weed around the summit, checked out the den and found two guys chilling in there with beer and weed”

Referring to slang for smoking weed, he added: “I said ‘420, man’ and we bid each other a good day.”

Russell Hope commented online: “Highest people in the UK, twice.”

Aria J Welsh wrote: “After that hike up they deserved it.”

William Shields added: “Should be stoned I say” and a laughing face.

David King added: “I walked up the Ben last weekend and the amount of stoners was unreal. I honestly passed about six groups of golf smoking away not a care in the world.”

Pictured: Murray Cheshire on top of Ben Nevis.

Other users were less impressed.

Scott Davie wrote: “No place for such criminals in our mountains. Should be reported.”

Douglas Sykes also noted: “It should mask the smell of pish in that hut, least for a wee while.”

Murray’s sighting comes after a group of mountaineers hit out at what they called “hippy” climbers on the top of Ben Nevis smoking illegal drugs.

The mountaineering group, who were visiting Lochaber from Yorkshire, said they were shocked to see the dope-smoking climbers who then descend the hill without any shoes on.