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“You couldn’t make it up!” clip shows man poking head out the back of HGV on Dover to London road

A SHOCKING video has emerged of a man poking his head out the back of an Italian lorry in the South of England.

The incident was caught on dashcam at a roundabout between Faversham and Canterbury in Kent showing the man sticking out of the HGV through a large hole.

This comes after police confirm seven men were arrested yesterday after jumping out the back of a lorry on the same roundabout, and were transported to the Home Office Immigration centre in Dover.

The incident happened on the 7th of October at around 5pm and was captured on dashcam by 59-year-old Julie Webb from Rainham, Kent.

Man spotted in HGV
The man was spotted after the home office made several arrests

She posted the footage to Facebook saying: “Caught this today on my dash cam going to Canterbury on the A2.”

The video shows Julie approaching a roundabout and cutting in behind the large lorry which says ‘Catone Trasporti Internazionali’ written on the side.

A man can be seen trying to grab the handle at the back of the lorry as Julie watches on in shock.

Julie is heard saying: “We got you on camera.” As the man, with his right arm and torso sticking out of the small hole reaches down to the handle.

At this point Julie tries to warn the HGV driver by honking her horn. The man goes back into the lorry and tries to rip open a larger hole.

Debris falls to the ground as Julie drives alongside the HGV to signal to them. Julie shouts: “In your lorry! In your lorry!”

Julie uploaded her footage online and others were shocked to see it, Image: Facebook

The video has shocked many people in the comments.

Emma Libaert-Kelly said: “Oh my god! Insane! Well done for getting his attention!”

Anne Marie Benn added: “For f*** sake shocking.”

Diane Turpin wrote: “Bloody hell you couldn’t make it up!”

Julie today said she was shocked, and believed the man was a “migrant”.

She said: “Definitely a migrant as this a Dover to London road.

“It was on the A2 road going towards Canterbury. It was on a very busy roundabout everyone was banging on their horns to get his attention, but unfortunately you can’t stop on this on this road.

“So we don’t know what happens after I was shouting.

“Obviously I was in shock, but nothing really surprises me anymore, in this part of the country it’s happening all the time.

“In the car was my husband and also my grandson who could not understand why a man was climbing out of the back of the truck. He’s nearly 10 so we had to explain who and what he was.”

Julie was convinced she saw a migrant on the road

Kent Police today confirmed they arrested seven men in connection with an incident on the same roundabout.

A spokesman said: “Kent Police were called at 17.17 on 7 October 2019 to reports of a number of people jumping out of the back of a lorry on the roundabout at junction 7 of the M2/A2.

“Officers attended and arrested seven men before transporting them to the Home Office immigration centre at Dover.”

The Home Office today confirmed Immigration Enforcement was contacted by Kent Police following the incident.

A spokesman from the Home Office said: “Immigration Enforcement was contacted by Kent Police yesterday (7 October) after police officers attended an incident on the M2 at Brenley Corner in Kent.

“Seven males including one minor were referred to the Home Office. Their cases will be dealt with according to the immigration rules. The minor was transferred into the care of social services.”

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