What have we learnt from this weekend with the Scottish Premiership?


Week 8 of the Scottish Premiership did not disappoint to say the least. Celtic fell and they experienced their very first league defeat.

This was inflicted by Livingston. They roared to their very first win over the champions. The Rangers also took full advantage their position, as they gave Hamilton a beating.

Gerrard is Calming Supporters

Steven Gerrard, a current manager, was trying to quash some of the excitement that came from the supporters. The Rangers were two points clear at the top of the league and he has also released a statement.

He went on to say that it is October and that even though they had a 5-0 win over Hamilton, there is still tons of work yet to be done.

Football pitch
Image: Vienna Reyes on Unsplash

Now it’s a Waiting Game

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The Rangers are Unstoppable

The form that the Rangers team have shown since their defeat by Celtic has been well and truly impressive. They have managed to score 17 goals and they have only conceded once.

They have also gone on to beat Feyenoord in the Europa league too. They can count themselves somewhat unlucky to not have taken anything from the match against the Young Boys.

Has there Been Enough Anguish for Celtic?

Celtic did look somewhat sluggish and they also appeared to lack a level of drive. They experienced a 2-0 defeat over at Livingston and a huge chunk of this came down to Ryan Christie.

He was sent off midway through the game and this could easily lead to even more problems for the side.

The attacking midfielder already has six goals and two assists in the Scottish league. The midfielder has also been responsible for 30% of the team’s goals so far and he has proven time and time again that he is well and truly tenacious.

A red card for him would mean that the Celtic team are without one of their biggest threats for two games.

Could this mean that there is even more anguish in-store for the team? Are they going to be able to come out of this with some fight left in them? Only time will tell but so far it doesn’t look like the fans are hopeful.

Of course, a lot has happened so far but by the looks of things, there is even more in-store. Who knows what is going to happen in the future, but one thing is for sure. This is surmounting to be quite a season.