Moment brave gran, 55, wrestles with robber, leaving him to flee without his jacket


DRAMATIC video shows a brave 55-year-old shop assistant grapple with a robber half her age – leaving the crook to flee without his jacket.

Grandmother Jayne Callear wasted no time in tackling the crook after he jumped over the counter to grab alcohol.

Jayne managed to get a good grip on the robber’s jacket as he desperately tried to flee and clung out, despite the risk he could lash out.


The struggle, in Newchapel, Staffordshire, last Wednesday resulted in the jacket being pulled over the thief’s head and he ran away with drink probably worth less than the cost of a new coat.

Jayne shared the CCTV footage onto Facebook, captioning the post: “Ok got a two minute video for you to watch.

“This happened to me last week in a shop in Newchapel. Does anyone know where he is? We think his name is Mark.”

The clip shows Jayne behind the counter of the independent store, speaking with the robber.

The man hands her a bottle of Jack Daniels and a bottle of vodka which Jayne can be seen placing on the floor beside her.

The thief then begins to distract Jayne, asking her for items behind the counter. Seconds later the man jumps over the counter grabbing the items Jayne had placed on the floor.

Jayne quickly makes a grab for the man, grabbing his jacket as he tries to squirm his way out of the shop.

The two then grapple, Jayne trying to hold him back and the thief trying to escape.

The two grapple for control of the booze.

The man then manages to worm his way out of his jacket and makes a run for the door, managing to escape as the owner of the shop, Michael Prosser, appears from behind the camera and tries to go after him.

Paul P McGuffie responded online: “At least you got three things in your favour, his jacket and the bottle for DNA and prints and the camera footage. Too much of this going on these days. Hope you’re ok.”

Suzie Keeling praised Jayne’s efforts to stop the thief, saying: “Wow that guy is dense lol. In broad daylight, with other customers around and leaves his belongings behind. Kudos to the lady for trying to hold him back.”

Speaking today, Jayne said she told the man after he jumped over: “‘I knew you were going to do’.

“I grabbed the back of him. Didn’t really think much of it. I was very shaken, but I am ok now.”

A spokeswoman for Staffordshire Police confirmed: “A woman shop assistant grappled with him and tried to stop him.

“The suspect managed to break free and got away with a bottle of whiskey and a bottle of vodka. The woman was shaken but uninjured.”