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River cruising is more popular than ever as young people start to discover its charm

As the number of people holidaying on ships continues to grow, river cruises are a hot trend in the travel market. Beautiful ships, educational activities and comfortable settings are only some of the reasons behind the high demand for river cruises worldwide. In the past multigenerational and group travel was a thing, but now river cruises are the latest trend. The Danube is the most popular destination for the UK and Irish passengers. The Danube together with the Rhine and their tributaries counted a growth to 58% of the total of cruises, compared with 53% in the last years. But the Douro experienced the highest increase, 15% in passenger numbers. Outside of Europe, the Nile witnessed a 21% growth because a Nile cruise is expected to reveal to the passengers’ eyes one of the most spectacular views of the world. 

Surprisingly, travellers have started to cruise on North American rivers, which were only admired from the shore until now. The North American travel market witnesses a 50% growth recently. The average time people spend on non-European cruises is 6.7 nights, with 3% more time they spent in 2017. Passengers also spend more time cruising on European rivers with the average cruise taking around eight nights. 

The astonishing growth is the result of the marvellous experience cruises offer to passengers, who have the opportunity to explore the heart of a destination. They can choose from a multitude of sensational itineraries and boats that provide high-standard amenities with one of the best Nile river cruise vacation providers, 30% of river cruise boats were constructed in the last 10 years, and 18 new ones are expected to be launched by 2020, so passengers benefit of the best amenities when they choose a river cruise in one of these ships. The latest cruise ships are expected to come with luxury features that appeal to the modern-day traveller.

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Do river cruises attract only baby boomers?

CLIA research revealed that 80% of the travellers who choose river cruising are not seasoned cruisers, but people who want to try a new experience. Baby boomers booked 67% of the total number of cruises, but the statistics show an increase in the number of Gen X and that 40% more people booked a cruise when travelling. That’s not all, Millennials and Gen Y experienced a 35% growth due to the extraordinary cruise routes, companies are offering lately. 

Exploring rivers by boat offers people a unique opportunity because they can discover hidden destinations that are accessible only by boat. Because of river cruising, some locations and itineraries have experienced a spike in demand. In Europe tourists choose Danube, Rhine, Elbe, Rhone, Douro, and Seine. The UNESCO-classified Douro Valley is one of the most popular places in Europe. Cruise companies have purchased ships specially designed for the rivers their clients want to explore. Because European rivers have numerous locks, ships must meet a certain dimension to fit through channels. The latest cruise news report that there are no bookings left for exploring the Douro in 2019, and people should start booking for 2020 if they plan to explore the river. 

Many river cruises offer passengers the opportunity to attend private events. For example, the ones who choose a Danube cruise can access the Passion Play in Oberammergau. Some cruise providers offer their clients privileged access that allows them to discover places like the Lobkowicz Palace, the Hermitage and the Gottweig Abbey.

What are the hottest destinations of the moment?

The Nile is by far people’s number one choice when they have to opt for a river cruise. Alongside the Nile, Mekong is another hot destination because it starts in China and it runs through six countries to Vietnam. The best way to explore the Mekong is in a luxurious ship that comes with balcony suites and a pool. If European rivers come with restrictions for boats, this is not the case in Asia because the rivers allow large boats with plenty of public space to explore their waters. 

Most of the river cruises also provide passengers with numerous excursion opportunities because people want to discover the surroundings, and not only to admire them from the boat. Cruises organise activities like canoeing, hiking, and biking to enrich the experience their guests have. 

The tourists who choose river cruises are more interested in being educated than the ones who prefer ocean cruises. They focus on the destination of the excursion and on the experiences the entire cruise provides. They choose the companies that facilitate their access to culture, traditions, foods, arts, wildlife, history, and ecology. 

River cruises are a blessing for the people who want to get in touch with the communities formed on river shores because they are tailored to suit their interest. 

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