Thursday, August 18, 2022
NewsTeaching assistant comes up with feature wall hack so popular Amazon sold...

Teaching assistant comes up with feature wall hack so popular Amazon sold out of materials

A CREATIVE teaching assistant has devised a wallpaper hack so popular it caused Amazon to sell out of the products she used to create it.

Jayne Burgess from Chesterfield, Derbyshire, has come up with a clever way to create a feature wall, without having to wallpaper an entire space.

By using a roll of £16 B&Q wallpaper and four £12 artist’s canvasses, the 53-year-old created a stunning feature effect that can be easily updated.

Photos show how Jayne has used glue and masking tape to attach grey, geometric wallpaper to canvasses and hung them in a staggered effect on the wall.

Jayne created the unique wallart as an alternative feature wall

A delighted Jayne shared her creation online, where it picked up so much momentum that Amazon then sold out of the canvasses she recommended.

Jayne shared photos of her transformation with the caption: “I didn’t want to wallpaper a newly plastered wall but loved this particular wallpaper.

“Covered four large canvases with it and created my own wall art.

“When I get bored of the design I can easily re-cover with something else.

“Large canvases ordered from Amazon, wallpaper from B&Q, both purchased just a week ago.

“Update: Since posting, Amazon are now out of stock of the canvases.”

A former fashion and print designer, Jayne had spotted the striking wallpaper, but felt it might be too much against the whole wall.

Instead she decided to use her creative flair, producing the artwork in just four hours.

Jayne’s post, which was racked up more thank 9,000 likes, was met with praise from other social media users.

One wrote: “Omfg bloody gorgeous, fantastic ideas.”

She didn’t want to cover up her newly plastered wall

Another added: “Clever and it looks very sleek.”

One woman said: “What a great idea, it looks fab.”

And another replied: “Looks nicer like this than as wallpaper and cheaper than a photo too.”

Speaking today, Jayne said: “I like to put my own spin on things. I had the idea to create feature wall so I bought a small canvas and made a prototype with a sample piece of wallpaper.

“Once I had an idea of how I wanted the finished wall to look, I calculated what size canvases I would need and sourced the closest I could find online.

“I’m not claiming to have invented wall art, not at all, I just wanted to share pictures of my finished canvases because I’m pleased with how they look.

“They didn’t cost a lot to make, if I get bored of the design I can re-cover with something else and it’s easier than re-wallpapering a whole wall!

“I won’t lie I am astounded that they have had so many views.

“It was say £65 and a bit of time for something unique, although maybe not quite as unique now!”

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