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“Ghost” of tragic teenager appears in picture taken at celebration of what would have been his 18th birthday

FRIENDS and family of a tragic teenager held a celebration on what would have been his 18th birthday – and later spotted his “ghost” in the photographs.

Joseph Pollard was 17 when he died suddenly and unexpectedly of heart failure in August.

On Sunday night, what would have been his 18th birthday, a celebration was held in a park near Joseph’s home in Cumbernauld, North Lanarkshire.

Family and friends released lanterns in his memory, including 18-year-old student Toni Stewart.

She took to Twitter the following day to post: “Took a photo last night letting lanterns and stuff off for Joseph’s 18th and you can see his face in the clouds.”

Toni shared images of Joseph in the sky above his 18th Birthday celebrations.

Toni then shared a closer image of the face, circling it to make the face stand out against the night sky.

His Mum, Claudia Brisci, who was in attendance at the celebration, commented on the post, saying: ” Amazing. My beautiful boy showing us, that he is living on in the universe and happy with us all celebrating his Birthday. We Love you Joseph.”

Another friend of Joseph’s, Alexandra Reynolds also commented on the post, saying: “Absolutely amazing. Letting us know he sees our efforts to celebrate his big day with him.”

@HayleyJanetteXx responded online: “Oh my god. I don’t even know this poor boy but this made me well up, amazing! I hope it gives you and everyone that knew him comfort to know he’s still watching over everyone that loves him.”

@mararosexo commented: “We had a photo taken with family and my grandad’s face appeared in an orb in the photo. I love this stuff.”

@Catherinelc94 posted: “Gave me chills this.”

The zoomed up image allows for a better viewing of Josephs face.

@thedxmo said: “That’s mad, but also quite touching.”

Toni said today: “I think it’s amazing. It shows he was there with us celebrating and he’s also looking down on us all.”

When asked what his family thought of the images, Toni said: “They were amazed as it looks exactly like him they also said that it shows his spirit is here.

“He was the most amazing and most intelligent boy I’ve ever met. He was always putting everyone before himself and making sure his friends were well.

“He was so lovable and would have done anything for any of his family.”

Toni added: “As much as we would rather he was down here with us it’s good to know he’s safe and watching over us all until we reunite with him again one by one.”

Pictured: Joseph, before he sadly passed away in August of this year.

Joseph, a former pupil at St Maurice’s High School, Cumbernauld, was taken to hospital and placed in intensive care after his heart stopped but died the same day.

His mother recently made a Facebook post, celebrating her son turning 18.

She wrote: “Happy 18th Birthday to you in Heaven my Beautiful Blue Eyed Boy. You are my absolute Hero and inspiration going forward in this life. Thank you for all of your strength and signs from the other side.

“Your Amazing spirit of who you are is stronger than ever. I carry you in my heart forever until I see you again.”

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