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Looking for a freelance writer? Find the ideal candidate who has these skills

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If you’re looking for ways to reach out to your client base a little more, and perhaps give your law firm more of a personal touch, then hosting a company blog or posting regular, interesting articles about law topics or even law advice is a great place to start.

The problem you then face is finding the time to dedicate to a blog or well written articles that your client base might benefit from. 

This is where a freelance writer comes in. A freelance writer who specialises in law is the perfect addition to your team.

They can research, write and produce material that will deliver engaging content, positive SEO features and they’ll be able to do it as and when you need them to. But what qualities should you look for in a freelance writer?

The freelance industry is booming right now, and freelance writing can be a pretty saturated market. Find the ideal candidate who has these skills.

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When it comes to spelling and grammar, any work produced should be flawless. When using citations they should also be accurate and adhere to the latest guidelines – you can find out more about in-text citations using this tool. The ideal candidate should also be aware of the different aspects of plagiarism and the legal repercussions of copyright infringement. Ask to see copies of their work and ask for references for peace of mind. 


Ideally, you want someone with experience in your particular field. And someone with extensive experience of hitting tight deadlines and producing the work you want for your website. A freelance writer that has excellent writing skills and talent is great, but they might not be right for you if they’re just starting their career. Check those resumes for experience and don’t settle for anything less than 2 years’ experience.


If you’ve commissioned some work or you have promised some published articles on your website, then the last thing you want is your freelance writer to let you down, disappear and no longer return your calls. In order to see their reliability in action, ask candidates to send you their work by a certain date or time, or again speak to previous employers and get the low down on their experience. 

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Someone who’s churning out articles just because it pays well, isn’t going to put as much effort into their work as someone with a true passion for writing will. You can test any prospective candidate by asking them to produce you a small sample of their work. If they’re passionate about their job and working with you, then their reaction should be a positive one.  


As mentioned above, a good freelance writer should be able to write for SEO. In other words they should be able to write with purpose and precision and get your blog and website found and placed high in search engine results. Check examples of their work and ask them outright if they’re familiar with SEO practices. 

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