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Healing Crystals: Hot Holistic Trend for 2020

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If you are an avid follower of all trends relating to the wellness industry and love nothing more than discovering a new way to not only maintain but improve upon your overall health and wellbeing, then look no further. 

Healing crystals are the 2020 wellness trend for you. 

With celebrity fans including Megan Fox, Jenna Dewan, Uma Thurman and Adele, you can see why this trend is set to kick off in 2020. 

Known for their ability to promote physical, emotional and spiritual healing, let’s take a closer look at exactly what all the fuss is about.

What exactly are healing crystals? 

Healing crystals are set to harness the life giving elements of the Earth and the universe as a whole. These semi-precious stones are said to help connect users to the elements as soon as they come into contact with them, with many believing that they have healing abilities. 

From improving your concentration levels to de-stressing you, from helping better your relationships to allowing you to let go of your fears, healing crystals have a wide variety of uses and benefits. 

Photo by Franco Antonio Giovanella on Unsplash

What are the different types of haling crystals? 


As this is the January birthstone, it seems to a good idea to start here. Garnet is known for its ability to:

  • Cleanse and re-energise your body
  • Bring balance to your life
  • Create feelings of serenity 
  • Inspire love and devotion 
  • Balance your sex drive 

If you are not quite ready to carry around a healing crystal in your pocket everywhere you go, why not take a look at some garnet January birthstone rings instead? Not only will you be healing yourself from the inside, but you will look stylish too!

Clear quartz 

Considered to be the master healer, you can’t go far wrong with one of these high performing healing crystals. Clear quartz can:

  • Improve your concentration 
  • Improve your memory 
  • Boost your immune system 
  • Relieve pain
  • Protect you against negativity 

Rose quartz

This pretty crystal is ideal for those who struggle in the love department, including self-love. Rose quartz is known for:

  • Restoring trust in a relationship
  • Providing comfort in times of grief 
  • Encouraging self-worth
  • Promoting friendship
  • Focusing on inner healing 
Photo by Krystal NG on Unsplash


Not only does this crystal have a calming effect simply by sitting and staring at it, it is also known for its ability to heal the mind, body and soul.

Specifically, turquoise is said to help:

  • Encourage positive thinking
  • Bring about feelings of empathy 
  • Stabilise your mood
  • Create feelings of calmness and serenity 

This crystal is also associated with good luck, so if you need a bit of good fortune in your life, you know what crystal to buy. 


This purple stone is known as the protective and purifying crystal due to the fact that it can help rid your mind of negative thoughts. 

Amethyst can also:

  • Promote sobriety 
  • Help treat insomnia 
  • Boost hormone production 
  • Relieve pain and stress
  • Help you understand the significance of your dreams 

How to choose the right crystal for you

If you are unsure about where to begin with embracing this trend, then it is a good idea to start by trying to identify what you feel you are missing in your life. Whether that be a healthy relationship, mental strength or the ability to get a good night’s sleep. Once you know where you need help, it is a lot easier to pick the right crystal for you. 

Some crystal converts have even revealed that they felt a subconscious pull towards a certain crystal when they were all placed in front of them. As if their body knew which one they needed in their life. 

However you choose your crystal, make sure you open your mind and embrace what it has to offer – what have you got to lose? 

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