Promoting positive mental health integral to a successful workplace, says leading campaigner


Promoting positive mental health is integral to a successful workplace, a leading campaigner will tell budding entrepreneurs at the University of Dundee.

Tina McGuff says that modern employers are recognising the benefits of looking after their staff as a means of improving productivity.

The acclaimed author will detail her own battle with anorexia and mental illness when she hosts an Entrepreneurial Masterclass, Why We Must Maintain Our Mental Health, at the University’s Dalhousie Building on Wednesday 29 January.

Photo by Brooke Cagle on Unsplash

Having charted her struggles in her critically acclaimed memoir, Seconds to Snap, Tina has established herself as a leading authority on mental health and is a regular contributor across national media.

She said, “What has impressed me is how business has recognised how important good mental health is.

“There is an increasing understanding that people work better when they are content and integral to this is the environment where they come to work every day.

“We think nothing of going to the dentist every six months to ensure our teeth are healthy, and yet so few of us take any time to ensure that are our mental health is what it needs to be.

“I want anybody who attends my Masterclass, whether they are students, University staff or members of the business community, to understand that being aware of your mental health is incredibly important and to feel that there is always hope, no matter how hard things may appear at times.”

Entrepreneurial Masterclasses are regularly hosted by the University’s Centre for Entrepreneurship, welcoming leading figures in their field to talk about their careers and share their experiences with some of the business world’s brightest young talent.

Tina has established herself as a mental health expert, working alongside psychologists and charities, while also supporting families through difficulties presented by complex illnesses.

Mental health is an issue that Graham Nicolson, Director of the University’s Student Services Office, says is relevant to both the business and University communities.

“Around a quarter of the population will experience a mental health problem at some point, and given the challenges of student life it is crucial that we can assist those who experience such issues while at university.

“While Tina’s talk will provide a wonderful insight in to her career, it will also be fascinating to hear how she overcame her mental health challenges and how the assistance she provides today is helping to transform the lives of others.

“We pride ourselves on the support that we provide our students and we hope that Tina’s Masterclass will emphasise that there should be no stigma when it comes to speaking about mental health.”

Why We Must Maintain Our Mental Health takes place at the University’s Dalhousie Building, Old Hawkhill, from 1-2pm on Wednesday 29 January. Tickets are free and must be booked in advance online.