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Sports betting in Europe: Where is/isn’t allowed?

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As you already know, each country in Europe has its policy on every subject and when it comes to esports, this is still a bit of gray area. When someone asks is esports betting legal in the UK, you can say that it is legal, though this might not be the case with some other countries in Europe.

Since 2016, the UKGC did approve this activity in the country. Since then, UK enthusiasts can place wagers in this community and participate without any problems whatsoever. Let’s take a look at where you can gamble without the fear of law!

France does not really allow it

All esport online cash betting clubs are officially not legal in France as France still fights the fight about the legislation.

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While the sports betting is completely fine and taxed a swell, this form of entertainment not really gives a good look in this country.

The French Parliament does consider registering this activity. But at this moment, there is no official declaration on this subject and what is even worse, it looks like that some of the games will not be even available in the offer. 

Italy does allow but with limitations 

Though pretty liberal country, Italy does allow the use of the safest betting sites esports but there are some catches.

Generally, there was no official acknowledgment or admission of this activity, but the Government announced that all tournaments that take place must comply with the morality, public order and public decency.

Therefore, they need to decide what games will be available. In a nutshell, the whole matter is still being discussed among the officials but no official answer ever came out. Still, it is a highly profitable form of the tournament and it is very likely that the act that allows this activity will be passed sooner or later.

German issues special Visas for esports professionals

Lastly, Germany did a huge improvement in esports field! Since 2020, they have introduced a special visa that allow non-EU esports professionals to live and play/compete in Germany! They simply wanted to make the whole process of visa acquiring easer to make things easier for the esports competitions and players.

Therefore, the status of esports in this country is much better than in France and Italy and they also have their German Esports Federation society!

However, this form of competition has not been yet recognized as a form of sport, but at least their players can get special visas that allow them to stay in the country for 90 daysC

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