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Essential Email Marketing Trends to Grow Your Business

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In today’s day and age with new advancements and inventions in every area of life, the daily routine of a person has grown to be busier and tougher. A great way for business holders or anyone who has something to advertise is Email Marketing

The act of sending a commercial message, typically to a group of people, using email is known as Email Marketing. An efficient tool to use in Email Marketing is Advanced Segmentation. Segmentation helps in aligning messages in accordance to the contacts so the deliverability rate of responses stay high.

When it comes to Email Marketing, a common error that is made, is to think of the audience to come from some interests or reasons where as they all come for different reasons, they are interested and attracted to different products and most importantly the amount of interest they come with in actually purchasing the product.

To keep all these objectives in sight, demands microscopic attention to each response which can be quite difficult. To ease this obstacle  advanced segmentation tools are used which align the messages and contacts automatically to simplify the further work of dealing with them. 

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Reasons of joining segmentation

Basically, the reason of their arrival to the list is the factor whichyou offered through the advertisement that caught the attention of a customer to the product and so much as to they agreed to even share their email addresses which some people consider private. For instance, “Interested in early bird discounts,” so that you can segment your offers based on this very important “reason why” they opted in. 

Reasons for showing attraction segmentation

There are many reasons of attraction towards a product, some factors that contribute in this attraction are;

  • The prices, whether they are low or high. A person looking for cheap products will automatically be attracted to your offer if you have a price difference with that of your competitors.
  • Timespan, how long the product will be in a useable condition. The guarantee that whatever they are investing in will be worth their time and not short lived.
  • Fulfilment of needs, which key need does the product fulfills. If someone has neck pain and is looking for pillows that will help them with their sleeping posture, they will be inclined to towards your product.
  • Material, whether it is environment friendly or not. Plastics and other hazardous materials usually make safety conscious people lose interest, if your product is against it. It will grab attention.

You can add fields to your forms to collect this data.

Product interest segmentation

Applying tags to products helps in this way when a customer searches for it the tags are collected as a data which than indicates the various choices. It also highlights where the interests of the audience lies or which product. This opens up all kinds of Advanced Segmentation possibilities. Later, when there is a sale of the particular product you can send to those contacts who have were interest in it.

Amount of interest segmentation

Amount of interest helps in identification of the levels of interests. A contact who has a low engagement but is a great fit for the product should be nurtured about their interest where as contacts with an extremely high engagement should be dropped aggressive follow-up sequences to hype interest in products.

Customer journey segmentation

There are different levels of customer journey. Advanced Segmentation helps with Awareness, Interaction, discovery etc. which are all a part of the journey which should be observed carefully to in order to provide the content which is demanded by the audience and so that it intrigues them.

Beneficial Marketing Trends and Types

There are two broad types of marketing emails that covers the trends of successful Email marketing.

Engagement Emails

Emails which use story telling rather than directly advertising the product are known as Engagement emails. They grab the attention of the audience and then engages them in sort of a digital experience.If the target is to keep the customer coming back to your product, you can observe the following ways,

  • Good and interesting welcome emails, use vivid vocabulary to get them to pay attention.
  • Educational and instructive emails with tutorials help subscribers.
  • Emailing customer stories which are stories of your successful products or services generated from interviewing or studying customers.
  • Emailing brand stories, these are the stories which are not the reviews of other customers but the brand’s itself.
  • Interest can be easily lost so it’s important to re-engage the customer through re-engagement emails over short time periods.

Transactional Emails

Transactional emails are relevant to transactions your subscribers have had with your business. Unlike engagement emails, their objective is to initiate or close on a sale. Customers are always triggered by this and in result end up viewing latest deals or products that you have to offer.

  • When customers add items to their carts but do not go through the purchase process, cart abandonment emails are a great way to focus their attention towards your offer again.
  • Good email receipts can include coupon codes that can be used on next purchase, through receipt emails, customers are reminded to shop again.
  • Send post-transaction email updates on the status of their order, whether it’s shipped, delivered, or arrived these are called sale follow-up and will keep the customer feel involved.
  • Ask for a review, the goal is to stay in their sight so that the next time for purchasing the opt for you again. Also it helps knowing the plus sides or lacking of the particular product and the response of customers.  

Email Marketing is a great way of introducing and keeping your product in market. Its helps create a bigger network of customers which enlarges the amount of receivers or potential buyers of a particular product. Email Marketing is further eased by Advanced Segmentation which helps collect the data of responses given by the customers for future promotion and product updates. An easy, eye-catching and attention grabbing email can help you lend many long term customers.


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