Coronavirus panic reaches new low after face mask is stolen from doctor’s fancy dress costume


HILARIOUS photos shows how coronavirus panic has reached new lows after a face mask was “stolen” from a fancy dress doctor’s costume.

The incident, which took place at Party Superstore in Sutton, London saw a concerned individual “nick” the mask from a £6.99 medic outfit.

The party costume is meant to include gloves, a hat, stethoscope and mask.

However, local shopper Emily Marinas spotted that the surgical mask had been stolen amid panic over the coronavirus.

A snap of the costume shows the medical get-up being sold with a note attached which reads: “Mask Missing.”

Staff said they notice the mask missing about a week ago

The store’s manager also confirmed that their Halloween themed nurse’s costume had also been selling unusually well due to the blood-spattered mask included.

A tickled Emily, 22, posted the snap on social media yesterday with the caption: “Someone’s actually nicked the mask from the costume in the party shop.”

Emily’s post, which has since clocked up more than a thousand likes online, has stunned some social media users.

Melanie Kneesaa wrote: “Jesus wept.”

Mark Evans added: “Outrageous”

And Louisiette Ellens said: “Wow.”

However, others were less shocked given the current levels of panic and the extreme prices of some face masks.

The mask came as part of a medic set

Pip Holden replied: “Absolutely not surprised at all.”

And Anthony Joe joked: “What about the nurse’s mask? Asking for a friend.”

A manager at Party Superstore said: “This happened one or two weeks ago, we aren’t exactly sure when.

“Another interesting thing though, is that we’ve been selling our bloody nurse kits that include a blood splattered mask.

“They are usually sold during the Halloween period, but recently have been purchased due to the coronavirus.”

Last month it was reported that face masks were selling out in stores, while some online retailers inflated prices to 800% the normal retail value.