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What are the benefits of vaping?

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Electronic cigarettes that have been around for almost a decade now are the latest trend that you will likely see in most house parties in the UK.

  In fact, the trend is growing day by day, and some parts of Asia and sub-Sahara Africa are fast catching up with western culture. So, like never before, it isn’t an out of the ordinary to interact with vapes on a typical day.

However, in as much as some people do it for fun, some users are using vape as the easiest and safest get away from tobacco, without giving up too much of their craving. 

So, what could make people perceive vaping as safer than traditional smoking? Remember, even health practitioners in the UK have been documented affirming the assertion that vaping is safer. On that note, vaping comes with many benefits over traditional smoking, and they include the following:

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  • No smoke

The first benefit involved with vaping is that you don’t inhale any smoke. As the name suggests, your intake is pure vapor, and that is why the devices are electric. Therefore there is nothing to worry about, such as teeth discoloration or darkening lips.

Remember, you can still get that nicotine and avoid smoke by using an e-cigarette, but you can’t get away with it in traditional smoking. Moreover, smoke causes bad breath, nausea, and even increased damage to the brain and stroke when there is prolonged use.

So, if you weigh it out, you’ll realize the fact that vaping produces no smoke, which makes them extremely beneficial for nicotine users.

  • Nicotine intake control

Vaping, thanks to e-juice availability in different strengths, gives you the mandate to take charge of your nicotine dosage. In fact, some e-juices have the lowest (or even no) nicotine concentration.

You cannot compare this with traditional smoking because, in the latter, cigarette manufacturers treat you to their own concentration, which is often high, and equal across all rolls. When it comes to vaping, you can use different levels of nicotine at varying times. You can choose to begin the day with a higher concentration and end it with little or none.

In fact, you can even end up quitting nicotine when you have disciplined vaping patterns. Moreover, wouldn’t it be best if people controlled the amount of poison that they feed their bodies?

  • Instant satisfaction

There is nothing that can make someone go crazy as wanting to steal a few puffs of nicotine to silence cravings! Smoking takes a long time before it stimulates satisfaction, let alone the convenience of accessing it.

Unlike traditional cigarettes, vapes are easy to carry around, even into lecture halls because you can disguise them as pens. Furthermore, the vape is flavored, and no one will notice that you stole a puff, especially if you control the vape output correctly. However, please note that you can’t vape just anywhere because the rules of “no smoking here” still apply.

So, it would be best if you avoid problems with the authorities and non-users. You need to grab a vape today and experience instant satisfaction, just a switch away. No lighter, no matchstick!

  • Flavor variety

There are hundreds of e-juice flavors with different tastes and varying nicotine concentrations. That one gives you the chance to choose whatever goes best with you, unlike cigarettes, where you are subjected to a limited flavor.

Other than just that, e-juice availability has increased, and many manufacturers and vendors have come into play to suppress the expanding demand. However, you need to be very keen when purchasing vapors because not all vendors are of high quality! Just make sure you get something that doesn’t interfere with your health later.

For instance, you can always insist on vape juices from known brands with a valid e-commerce website. You can also check allergy information just to make sure that nothing goes wrong. After all, aren’t you into vaping because it is safer than traditional smoking? So, please keep it safe with e-juice purchases too.

  • Affordability

E-cigarettes come in different sizes, styles, and quality, which is enough to fit the budget of any wallet without straining it. Also, the smallest vape should actually give you up to 250 puffs, depending on your vaping habits.

The accessories, such as vape-juices, are also readily available and at relatively affordable prices. In fact, once you get a vape, you’ll only need to be buying juices and coils, which are a significant cut on your spending.

Moreover, the fact that vaping gives instant satisfaction can reduce the amount of nicotine you take per day naturally, which translates to trimmed expenses.

  • Safer than smoking

Vaping is 95% safer than traditional smoking since there isn’t combustion involved, no tar, and no ashes too. And even if vaping is somehow harmful to the body, especially with prolonged usage, it still does less damage to the body than smoking!

  • Customization

Vapes come in different varieties, which gives you the chance to customize your experience. There are also a variety of vapes to choose from. As a new vaper, you can always try out different flavors first, until you get the best taste for you.

Customization is also possible, meaning you can literally create your signature flavor too (mix and matching flavors is popular amongst vapers).

  • Trendy and cool

Finally, you’ll agree that vaping is cool. In fact, just getting spotted with a vape in your hand elevates some “status” level among your peers. Gone are the days when someone would hide in the shadows to pick up some It is embarrassing when people discover the smoking habits that they were trying to hide from them.

Now think about vaping. There is nothing to hide (aside from children), and there is nothing to be ashamed of with vapes. Vaping is a trend that is even affecting the fashion industry. In other words, the reception of vaping is quite different from how people perceive traditional smoking. Vaping is trendy and cool!

If you are looking forward to quitting smoking, then you can try to start with vaping – bit by bit, until you totally quit the habit. However, if you aren’t planning to do away with nicotine, then vapes are the perfect way to go!

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