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NewsRyanair passenger thrown off flight to Ibiza for allegedly vaping onboard

Ryanair passenger thrown off flight to Ibiza for allegedly vaping onboard

A SHOCKING video shows a Ryanair passenger being escorted off a flight to Ibiza after allegedly vaping onboard.

Alex Jackson filmed the moment police officers came onto the plane at Manchester Airport to remove the man, believed to be in his 20s, on Saturday.

Video shows a police officer dressed in a black protective cavalier vest confronting the passenger while standing in the middle aisle.

He is shown waving for the passenger to leave his seat and points towards the front left hand door.

A group of around eight officers were then filmed huddled around the back of a police van after allegedly handcuffing the Ryanair customer.

The man being put into the back of a police van.
Alex watched on as a group of eight officers huddled round the man after allegedly handcuffing and putting him into a police van. (C) Alex Jackson

Alex, 23, said he watched from the aircraft as officers put him in the van shortly before the plane took off to Ibiza.

The man’s friends were able to stay on the flight and jetted off on their holiday without him.

Alex, a barber from Manchester, posted the video on TikTok yesterday, writing: “Bit over the top if you ask me.”

The clip has since gained over 2.1m views and more than 112,00 likes.

The video attracted a mixed reaction from viewers.

One said: “Can’t smoke on a plane, they did the right thing.”

Another wrote: “Imagine being so addicted to his vape that he’d rather try and sneak some than just wait ’til after this flight.”

A third commented: “People that smoke or vape on the plane need some kind of self control therapy.”

A fourth added: “I don’t know why people find it so hard to follow rules?”

While one viewer simply said: “Easy solution here – don’t vape.”

Speaking today, Alex said: “We were on the plane and two guys right at the front of the plane were absolutely hammered.

“We were delayed already so everyone was already a bit agitated anyway.

“I didn’t see it but apparently one of the guys down the front started vaping with an Elf bar.

“The flight attendant took it off him and the guy was asking for it back and he said no and that they were phoning the police.

“He said he would cooperate with them, it wasn’t too heated or anything.

“Two police officers came on the plane, arrested him and handcuffed him.

“There were two police vans and around eight police officers.

“His mates were just in front of me, they said he always does stuff like this and that they weren’t too shocked.

“I wasn’t bothered, I was just trying to get to Ibiza.”

Speaking today a Ryanair spokesperson said: “The crew of this flight from Manchester to Ibiza (11th June) called for police assistance ahead of departure after a passenger was found vaping onboard the aircraft.

“In accordance with policy, smoking/the use of e-cigarettes is strictly prohibited at any time onboard the aircraft and this passenger was removed by police.”

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