Friday, July 1, 2022
NewsWoman's hilarious pictures show how her "size 8" outfit for Ibiza is...

Woman’s hilarious pictures show how her “size 8” outfit for Ibiza is a better fit for her terrier

A WOMAN has hilariously hit back at a retailer’s minuscule size 8 outfit by getting her terrier to model it.

Callie Conway ordered the £40 lacy outfit for Ibiza but discovered it was far too small to wear comfortably.

So the 19-year-old from Newcastle decided to make a point by dressing up her Bedlington Terrier and posting the side-splitting results online.

The pictures show a very bemused-looking Charlotte, 12, ready to rave in the outfit which appears to be about the right size for a smallish dog.

Charlotte was able to fit the size 8 outfit

Callie uploaded the pictures to Twitter captioned with: “So I bought a UK size eight outfit for Ibiza and this arrived. It fits my dog better than me. Fancy a hol Charlotte?”

Many users have commented under Callie’s post with adoration with the Charlotte’s style.

Charlotte has become a hit on social media

? @morvynholmes responded: “She looks bloody smashing hahahah.”

@millie_broughton posted: “Awww look at her little Bedlington.

Speaking today, Callie said: “I ordered an outfit and when it arrived we were so shocked at how tiny it was.

Callie had spent £40 on the outfit ahead of a trip to Ibiza

“I measured it up against my dog and it looked as if it would fit so I thought why not.”

Callie, who has not revealed where she bought the clothes, added: “She loves dressing up and has a full wardrobe.”

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