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How to ease your anxiety during the coronavirus pandemic


Due to the coronavirus pandemic, citizens of many countries are advised to stay home during lockdowns to avoid the spreading of the virus further. These are testing times that can take a toll on anyone’s mental health hence we need to learn to manage our stress and anxiety by following the below discussed tactics.

Get Factual Information:

Not knowing about the current situation may add on to your speculations which will further increase your anxiety hence keep yourself updated with the facts of this pandemic so that you are prepared for the future and nothing comes as a shock to you.

Spend Only an Hour a Day Listening to Pandemic News:

As you switch on any news channel, you can get more and more information about the COVID-19. I have seen many friends of mine only talk about this or listen to the pandemic related news almost the entire day, which is only going to increase your anxiety and mental stress. Also, the kind of news many media channels are bringing out these days can inflict more fear in your mind, hence choose the right source of news to hear one hour every day and make it a rule not to exceed the time.

Create the Right Environment While Working from Home:

As most of us are working from home due to lockdown, it may become difficult to draw a line between personal and professional life, hence create a physical zone to work from that keeps you away from domestic duties. Inform your family members not to disturb you during work hours. In fact, dress up like you do for office and then work so it feels like you are still in office.

Maintain the Right Posture:

While you are locked in your home most of the day, many people will complain of back and shoulder pain owing to the fact that sitting and working from home may cause discomfort in the long run if you do not have an economical chair. Hence learn the right sitting postures that will help in keeping your back aligned properly, even if you do not have the right chair so you can avoid any discomfort. Sleeping in the wrong posture or on the wrong mattress can also be a cause of physical discomfort which may increase your anxiety in the long run hence get the mattress changed based on your comfort from MattressNextDay who are still delivering as normal UK wide even during the COVID-19 crisis.

Declutter Your Home:

As you are forced to stay home hence it is essential to keep it clean as a messy environment can increase your anxiety. Throw away the items you do not need and tidy up the home. Use whatever you have at home to upgrade the decor so that your home feels like it has a positive vibe. As you cannot hire a cleaning service hence, clean your home every other day so it doesn’t mess up. It will keep you busy as well as your surroundings cleaner, increasing the positive vibes.

Exercise and Meditate:

Sitting at home the entire day may make you feel physically and mentally unfit, hence the solution is to include some home exercises in your routine along with meditation to take care of your physical as well as mental health.

Get Good Sleep:

Studies suggest that an increase in anxiety is directly related to lack of sleep, and due to the uncertainty, that prevails, many of us find it difficult to rest our minds and sleep. Do not overthink as it is not really going to help in this situation. Your immunity also depends on mental health, which can only be maintained if you get a good rest in the night. Hence make sure to sleep comfortably on the right mattress and get a minimum of 8 hours of sleep every day.

As the times are stressful, hence try to manage your anxiety by following the above-discussed methods and avoid passing your anxiety on to others. Do not lead your life in fear, rather act with clarity, courage, and compassion. This time will also pass, and you will need to learn to move forward with hope.