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5 Apps That Make You Look Older Than Never Before!

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Gone are the days where people used to search for Anti-aging creams! Instead, the youngsters and the teenagers want to look older! Yes, that’s the latest trend these days! People like you want to look older with the help of a few apps that work like a charm!

Be it an Android or iOS device, both the app stores have a plethora of apps that would turn you old within a matter of seconds. We’ve tried a few of them and have listed five of them in today’s round-up. Let’s have a look at their features, how they work and how you can use it at its best!

#1. FaceApp!

You simply cannot ignore FaceApp when it comes to such apps. This app set the trend back in 2017 and people still love this app. Apart from the feature that makes you old, it can also swap your genders just with a picture. Moreover, it can also help you pick the hair color, tattoos, beard etc with the help of AI technology in the app. Overall, we would rate it 10 out of 10 if you would ask for a review of FaceApp. It’s so far one of the best apps to change your age and has a lot of other features too.

#2. AgingBooth!

The name itself suggests that it’s a dedicated app that makes you look older. You need not capture new pictures to use this app. In fact, you use the photos from your gallery directly into this app to get started! There’s no internet connection needed to transform your picture that looks like an old person later on. Once done, you are all set to share the photo on your social media profiles from the app itself.

#3. Old Face Maker!

It might not be the popular ones in the race but it works well. The Old Face Maker app lets you manipulate the photos with its unique technology and aging filters. You can make your photos scary as well as funny. It has also got some anti-aging stickers which can be used on your pictures. You can also adjust the old effects and stickers together while editing the final picture. Ask your friends “how will you look when you grow old?” by sharing your photo on your Facebook or Instagram.

Photo by Vlad Sargu on Unsplash

#4. Old Face!

No additional features are available in this app other than turning your photo in to an old man or woman. Simply pick your photo from the gallery in the Old Face app and wait for the results. You’ll be amazed to see what you would look like when you are in your late 70s or 80s.  You can either share these photos on social media or you can even save it to your phone directly. The AI used in this app is pretty simple and it doesn’t have many options as compared to other apps. But overall, it ends your hunt to find an app that would actually make you look older.

#5. Old Face Predictor!

Rather than using AI, this app uses various parts of your face to make you look old. Right from hairstyle, beard, eyes, skin tone, face shape, etc, everything is customizable in this app. It’s up to you to decide how you want to make up yourself as compared to your existing version. This app would consume your time if you’re not a fan of manual photo editing apps. And if you’re the one who loves customizing photos as per your needs, the Old Face Predictor app is your way to go!

So these were some of the finest apps that will make you look older within a matter of minutes. We enjoyed using FaceApp as it has a lot more features and tweaks as compared to other apps. Let us know which app did you love the most and why? If you have more suggestions of similar apps, you can comment below your suggestions.

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