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5 Reasons Why CBD Businesses Are Assured to Go Big

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When people hear about cannabis, it is usually associated with narcotics. However, the medicinal and recreational uses of marijuana are increasingly being understood, and its legalization is getting global attention. It means the potential for businesses.

There are many legal vendors for cannabis products already. It shows that if you are thinking of a new business, why don’t you invest in CBD (cannabidiol) business? Below are some exciting reasons CBD business is assured of going big.

Why Such a High Potential for CBD Business?

1. Huge Market in the Pharmaceutical Industry

There is a vast potential market for cannabis products. Cannabinoids are a collection of chemicals. Studies have shown that there are over 80 cannabinoids derived from the hemp and marijuana plants. However, marijuana contains more of delta-9-tetrahydrocannabinol (THC), the chemical that gives the ‘high’ effect, than CBD. Hemp is the preferred source of CBD because it contains higher concentrations than THC.

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Unlike THC, CBD is not psychoactive but rather has various medicinal properties. The product is gaining recognition worldwide in the health and wellness industry, as increasing research shows its ability to treat pain and other conditions such as certain types of cancer symptoms. Also, CBD does not have the adverse side effects of drugs used to treat these conditions. It makes it ideal for people who do not like the side effects of certain pharmaceutical drugs.

Recent studies have shown that CBD reacts with the endocannabinoid system (ECS) in the same manner as the body’s natural endocannabinoids. These endocannabinoids are neurotransmitters that transmit impulses through the ECS by binding to cannabinoid receptors in the nervous system. The ECS functions mainly as a regulatory system for body functions such as immune system response, appetite, sleep, and pain. It means that CBD affects all these functions as well.

Several studies have found that CBD has a positive effect on chronic pain by interacting with the neurotransmitters and endocannabinoid receptors to reduce both pain and inflammation. CBD is used in treating pain related to conditions such as arthritis and multiple sclerosis and CBD oil for anxiety. Due to its chemical structure, CBD is believed to be beneficial to heart health; it has neuroprotective properties, relieves anxiety and depression, and treats acne, among others. These medicinal properties of CBD make it a big business as research continues to explore more benefits.

2. Legalization is Easing

Cannabis and its related products are illegal in most western countries, including the US. However, due to overwhelming scientific evidence on the benefits of marijuana and hemp, many countries are starting to ease their legislation on these products. The 2018 Farm Bill, passed in 2018, made it legal to deal with hemp and its derivatives in the US, though this does not make legal all help products. So, you cannot easily buy hemp products over the counter.

The law allows for the inclusion of cannabidiol in food or sold as a dietary supplement. At the moment, it cannot be sold in the US as a therapeutic product but can be sold under ‘cosmetics’ if the THC concentration is stated to be less than 0.3%.

Medicinal cannabis is currently legal in over 20 countries including the Netherlands, Cyprus, Germany, New Zealand, Portugal, Greece, Canada, Australia, Switzerland, Croatia, Italy, Norway, Poland, and Israel. Only Canada, Uruguay, Georgia, and South Africa, Australian Capital Territory, and 11 US states have legalized recreational cannabis.

As more research is done and the benefits of CBD are understood better, more countries will legalize it, creating a huge business opportunity.

3. Medical Research

There is increasing medical research interest in Lazarus Naturals CBD. Recent studies have shown cannabidiol to have highly beneficial medicinal properties. Research shows that CBD is useful in treating or managing some major complications such as Crohn disease, Parkinson’s disease, dystonia (a muscle disorder). These conditions have debilitating effects with no current reliable treatment. This has drawn research interests not only from alternative medicine practitioners but also from the mainstream medical research industry.

As research increases and explores the potentials of CBD Oil, more benefits are continually discovered. This indicates a huge market both in production and distribution that is still untapped.

4. Young Industry

While cannabis has been used commercially for generations across the world, its decriminalization slowed its production. New legislation that is decriminalizing marijuana are bringing the legal production back to life. However, legal production is limited to countries where it is legal. According to a UN report, India is the leading producer of marijuana, but this could change as more states legalize and allow the production of the plant. It could increase their yields by a significant amount bringing a boom to businesses.

5. The Hope Drug!

CBD is widely used in the alternative medicine industry for anxiety and depression. It has been known that THC is the chemical that treats anxiety because of its psychoactive properties. However, recent studies have shown that CBD also acts on CB1 and CB2 receptors and boosts the production of serotonin, the neurotransmitter that affects mood.

The benefit that CBD has over THC, even though they have similar effects on serotonin production, is that it does not cause intoxication or the ‘high’ effect characteristic of CBD. This makes it an ideal drug to treat depression and anxiety as it does not have significant side effects.


CBD use is gaining popularity as its uses become better understood. While still illegal in many countries, CBD oils for medicinal use are legal and sold in many countries. If you want home delivery of CBD strains then you may opt for safe, lab-tested gorilla glue strain available in the market.

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