Disturbing footage shows woman “pin dog by the neck” and start hitting it in the street


A SHOCKING video has emerged showing a woman beating a dog in the middle of the street.

The disturbing moment was caught on dashcam by a driver as he passed the scene in Eastbourne, East Sussex.

Motorist Ben Keightley, 38, filmed the woman as he drove past her on Friday, catching the brutal moment.

As the clip begins, Ben is seen driving down the road.

The woman, dressed in a cap, comes into the left hand side of the frame accompanied by three dogs.

As Ben drives past, she is seen bending down and grabbing one of the spaniel-type dogs “by the neck”.

The dog is flattened towards the ground and the woman draws back her hand and strikes it twice.

Woman pinning dog
The woman is seen pinning the dog “by the neck” (Ben Keightley)

The view from the rear window then shows the woman standing back up and continuing to walk the dogs.

A horrified Ben took to social media to share the disturbing footage.

He posted the clip, saying: “If anyone knows this woman I would ask that you either pass her details to the RSPCA with this video or convince her to give up the dogs so they can be rehomed.

“If she beats the dogs on the street I can only imagine what goes on in the home.”

He added that the attack appeared “unprovoked”.

Woman hitting dog
The woman apparently struck the dog “four or five times” (Ben Keightley)

Speaking today, he said: “She out of the blue pinned one of the dogs down by its neck and proceeded to smack it’s back four or five times.

“I could hear the hits from inside the car so these were not light slaps but hard hits.

“Just before she did it the poor dog was just sitting wagging it’s tail, there was no sign of it doing anything to trigger it at all.”

The video has outraged social media users.

Woman walking away
Ben says the dog did nothing to warrant the abuse (Ben Keightley)

Dominique Teague wrote: “She doesn’t deserve those dogs and if she is their dog walker I pray the owners find out.

“Could you pass this video onto the RSPCA still?”

Claire White added: “What evil scum this makes me so mad we must be able to find out who this is.”

And Lisa Corfe said: “Name and shame her, she is a disgrace for god’s sake.”

A Sussex Police spokesman said: “Police are not investigating this matter, but the RSPCA are aware.”