Optician almost jumps out of skin after spotting BAT casually sitting next to her on sofa watching TV- Viral News


AN optician almost jumped out of her skin after noticing a BAT casually sitting beside her on the sofa watching TV.

Lorraine Bleasdale, 49, was watching Jumanji Welcome to the Jungle when she saw a large black object in the corner of her eye which she presumed was a “massive large spider”.

After looking closer Lorraine realised that it was a bat who was watching the film with her on Monday night in Dalton-in-Furness in Cumbria a part of the Lake District.

Lorraine managed to put a plastic box on top of the relaxed bat before phoning her brother and partner to ask for help.

She uploaded a video and a picture of the bat with one showing it watching TV yesterday morning captioned with: “That awkward moment when you realise a bat is right beside you watching TV.

“I guess it’s that time of year again.”

One images show the bat looking relaxed and calmed as it watches the film with Lorraine on the living room chair.

Another photo shows the friendly mammal captured in the plastic tub.

Video shows the bat moving around in the box trying to get out before appearing to realise it is stuck and gives in and begins to wait.

Another clip captures it after it was released lying on a bit of cardboard outside.

Deborah Richardson wrote under Lorraine’s post: “Yikes. One flew in our bedroom one night. The funniest sight was my husband running around the bedroom naked trying to catch it. ”

A picture of a bat on a Facebook post.- Viral Video News
Lorraine managed to capture the small bat that was enjoying the film with her.

Nigel Atkinson joked: So what do bats like to watch on TV.”

Gillian Wyatt said: “Did it come in its Batmobile.?”

Kathryn Miller added: “This would be an emergency situation in my house.”

Speaking today (WED) Lorraine said: “It was very bizarre and has never happened to me like this before.”

A picture of a bat on some card board- Video Viral News
The bat is finally released

“It was 11o clock at night. I noticed something in the corner of my moving, I thought it was a massive spider.

“I went into shock and screamed. I probably screamed like a little girl but not enough to scare it.

“I realised that it was a bat soon after. So I went to check on my cat as bats and cats don’t get on and she had already gone to bed.

She added: “It did make me laugh. It was a surreal moment but, I’m quite privileged it chose to go to my house to watch a film in.

“I haven’t seen a bat in this part of the Lake District for five or six years when they used to fly past my washing line.”