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Hibs boss Jack Ross adamant ‘complacency’ has not crept in to football’s Covid-19 fight

HIBS head coach Jack Ross has dismissed any suggestion that Scottish football has allowed complacency to creep into the ongoing battle with Covid-19.

Ross is adamant Premiership clubs – along with Hearts and Glasgow City, who have also started training – are being held to a higher standard than many other industries which have resumed operation.

Players and staff at all sides are tested twice a week, have their temperatures routinely monitored and adhere to social distancing where possible.

Jack Ross faces the cameras at Easter Road | Hibs news
Hibs head coach Jack Ross

At Hibs, employees are spread over different changing rooms, use the gym and showers in limited numbers and have their food served in individual tubs.

And he does not believe the events at Aberdeen should detract from efforts being put in place to ensure the sport can continue.

Asked if the cancellation of the Dons’ encounter with St Johnstone was a ‘wake-up call’, Ross said: “I don’t think anyone in Scottish football ever believed we were immune to this.

“There is no complacency or belief from my players that they are any different from the general public.

“We have had to adhere to a lot of guidelines and a lot of procedures – more than the majority of other industries in this country.

“We should remember that. There are not many industries testing their players twice a week. Football has not been complacent or disrespectful towards the guidelines – far from it.”

Ross, meanwhile, conceded that it was impossible to monitor players 24 hours a day and accepted that there is an element of trust required. As such, he had nothing but praise for his squad.

Ross added: “I can’t control what they do every single minute of every day but, equally, I’ve got a group that’s sensible and I’ve got good leadership within that changing room.

“I believe that they’ll be doing everything that’s expected of them.”

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