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Heartwarming video shows girl, 1, loving life while dancing in the rain

ADORABLE video captures the a little girl dancing like nobody is watching while out in the pouring rain.

Mairi Forrest was filmed making the most out of the Scottish summer while jumping around in her romper suit and wellies in Cumbernauld, North Lanarkshire last month.

The ecstatic one-year-old can be seen hopping around in excitement while heavy rain falls down around her in the garden.

Completely unfazed by the wetness, Mairi continues to spin around and dance around with a big smile on her face.

At one point, the little one walks over to her soaked play mat to touch the floor – before standing up to continue jumping around in the rain.

The clip has gone viral on Facebook with over 97,000 views since being posted on Sunday.

Hundreds of social media users have left comments after being bowled over by the heartwarming clip.

baby dancing in rain
The adorable youngster was totally oblivious to the rain.

Amy Clouse wrote: “Oh, how wonderful to see parents unafraid for their children to play in the rain without boots, rain pants, rain jackets and huge rain hats, to be able to feel the rain on your skin.”

Tam Mactavish said: “Proper Scottish bairn. Nae bother what the weather, am gaun oot tae play.”

Andrea Hinrichs wrote: “What a little cutie and she is so happy.”

Teresa Jane said: “Love this & the little one is just so adorable.”

And Heather Fisher wrote: “The look of pure joy on her face.”

Speaking today Mairi’s mum Michelle Forrest, 39, said: “It was one of those heavy rain storms that just came out of nowhere.

baby dancing in rain
The youngster’s antics have delighted social media users.

“One minute it was this beautiful day and the next the rain just started coming down heavy.

“My husband was outside barbecuing, but was sheltering under the parasol at the time.

“She was out there as soon as the rain started and stayed there until it stopped. It was one of those ones that come down out of nowhere for five minutes and then stop again.

“When I saw her out there I just thought ‘awww I need to film that’. She loves it.

“Once it was finished, she was soaked so we scooped her up in a towel, got her all cleaned up and in dry clothes and cosy again.

Michelle added: “She just loves the outdoors, and being out in the rain, in the water or in the mud playing away.

“She just goes in and out as she pleases. If the doors are closed, she’s up there banging at them to get outside.”

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