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How Social Poker Has Flourished During Post-Lockdown


While some may think that playing poker was a fad of the early to mid-2000s, the reality is that poker is still going strong. Platforms such as GGPoker are more active than ever, and their user numbers are still massive as people are enjoying real money action bundled in with fantastic promotional deals.

However, ever since the world went into a spring-time lockdown, laymen have begun discovering the joys of the game as social poker apps and sites have seen a noticeable uptick in traffic. Back in 2014, the number of active social poker users online hit an all-time high, with 57 million players worldwide. In the following years, these numbers decreased, but now, they are rising back up.

Photo by Michal Parzuchowski on Unsplash

An Excuse to Reunite With People

We have to mention that social poker is not only available online. Its truest form is when a bunch of friends and family get together and play for small stakes or just for fun. Home games provide a terrific bonding experience, as they allow people to trash talk while enjoying snacks and some light-hearted amusement.

After months of isolation, people are now rediscovering such neglected activities, and they are finding out just how important they are to their mental well-being. Social contact is crucial, as it helps us to cope with stress. It is a key psychological factor in helping us forget the negative aspects of life and thinking more positively in general.

Habits Attained During Lockdown Linger

Digital poker rooms allow people to play against friends or compete in tournaments for either non-monetary prizes or bragging rights. Whatever the case may be, it’s the social aspect that’s their main selling point, as they provide a communal experience via a game that offers fun and a dose of human interaction.

However, since many picked up the hobby by playing the game via apps and websites, post-lockdown, they’re not throwing it aside. Audio-video feeds on these platforms let the players see and converse with each other as they play hands. Since we live in an age where convenience is king, some prefer to play digitally, as it eliminates time and money wasted on commuting.

It Provides Training for Real Money Games

Social poker is a terrific way for someone to receive an introduction to the game. It doesn’t carry any of the stress that a real money game does, but it lets players learn the fundamentals while enjoying themselves in the process. These days, the skill level of the average poker player is far higher than ever before, and recreational-play is a major contributing factor.

One of the best ways to stave off boredom is to learn something new. Therefore, those that have gotten their feet wet during the lockdown are still playing poker and looking to improve, seeking a transition to real money games once they get good enough. Thus, online poker sites expect an increase in players soon, as a percentage of social players will look to graduate to real money games.