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Pumpkin and whisk
Nina Rutherford’s simple tip has been praised online. (Image: Nina Rutherford)

A MUM has gone viral after sharing images of a “game changer” pumpkin carving hack that saves effort, time and mess.

Nina Rutherford, from Falkirk, Stirlingshire posted the five minute pumpkin carving hack on Facebook last Friday to help others save time when creating their spooky decoration.

The images show Nina about to insert an electric hand whisk into a pumpkin after slicing the top off showing the fleshy insides still inside.

Nina then snapped a photo showing the whisk inside the pumpkin, about to scoop out the body and insides.

Pumpkin and whisk
The handy tip just requires an electric whisk. (Image: Nina Rutherford)

She then uses a plastic spoon to remove the loose innards of the pumpkin after the whisk detached the inside from the skin, making it easy to scoop out.

The last image shows a clean pumpkin with all the seeds and slimy insides safely removed, leaving it ready for carving before Halloween.

She shared her “genius” hack to Facebook the same day captioned with: “I feel I need to pass on this Halloween pumpkin hack: once you have cut the top off get a hand mixer (with one or two whisks on it as both work) and use this to detach all the insides of the pumpkin.

“Take the whisks right to the edge of the pumpkin so it scrapes the bits off then just scoop out the insides that are now all mush. It has just taken me five minutes to do the inside of a pumpkin.”

Pumpkin insides
No more battling with messy pumpkin insides. (Image: Nina Rutherford)

Since posting the hack on Facebook, the post has gone viral with over 14,000 shares and over 2,000 comments from impressed viewers.

Tyler Jay Young wrote under her post: “Game changer.”

Nicole Gray said: “I think we’ve found a genius hack for doing our pumpkin!! You know that pumpkin we keep forgetting about.”

Chloe Connaughton said: “Bet you could’ve used this hack yesterday instead of scooping it all out.”

And Hollie Melay-Brown wrote: “Omg genius this is.”

The pumpkin is left clean and ready to be carved. (Image: Nina Rutherford)

Speaking today, Nina, 34, said: “Each year I would say to friends and family ‘oh you should try this hack’. Yet no one else had ever heard of it and so this year, I thought I would take pictures and share them on Facebook.

“One of my sisters then asked me to make the post public so she could share it and it just kept going from there, so I decided to share it on to a few pages I was a part of and everyone just started sharing it.

“I didn’t think it would be this popular and honestly thought more people would have known about it already.

“Anything to make the pumpkin carving easier is always a win in my books.”

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