Car company disguise customer’s order in sex toy packaging – Viral News UK


A CAR parts company has revealed how they helped a customer hide his latest order from his wife by making it look like the package contained male sex toys instead.

Gizfab explained how their customer said he would rather “come out of the closet” than let his wife know he had spent more money on parts.

As a result, the business in Skegness, Lincolnshire, decided to help cover their customer’s tracks with a very x-rated disguise.

They shared images showing the order plastered with explicit images of male sex toys.

The parcel that has stickers stating the sex toys inside
Gizfab went viral after sharing a parcel they sent to a parcel to hide the fact the customer bought more car parts (C) Gizfab

On the side of the parcel and on the front are two stickers that read: “Contents – male massager.”

They also sent an invoice for the order which claims the package contains a, “F****** huge d****”.

The customer, who lives in the United States of America, then posted his own photo posing with the parcel which arrived yesterday.

Gizfab’s owner, Eden Young, took to Facebook to share the hilarious cover up on Sunday.

A receipt of the goods declaring what was bought
Users were in hysterics after Eden sent a note to the customer stating he bought a 13kg dildo (C) Gizfab

The 30-year-old posted the images and said: “Another customer contacted us and insisted under no circumstances could the wife know about new car parts arriving.

“He said he would “rather come out the closet” than have her know it’s more car parts. We got you fam.”

Eden’s post has been shared more than 4,000 times with thousands of likes and comments.

The gag has had social media users in stitches.

Andrew Finnon said: “Total weight – 13kg, some size of chopper.”

Eden Young
Eden Young owner of Gizfab shared the post that went viral of the car parts guised as male sex toys (C) Gizfab

Millie Wokoma wrote: “Holy s*** I’m crying.”

Simon Cox said: “Didn’t think you could send dangerous weapons in the post. Great work fam.”

Gaz Crabtree said: “A 13kg dildo. Jesus Christ.”

And Carl Eglintine said: “Hope that was ‘Left with a neighbour’ too.”

Speaking today Eden said: “Its not a regular service. However, if someone was to ask, we would oblige.

“The two recent examples were sent to very good customers and friends of ours.

“And in the light of recent times a little prank like this makes people laugh at the other end.

“We posted the pictures under the guise of “Wife can’t know its car parts” as is our customer database.

” They understand the dilemma of buying hundreds of pounds worth of parts the wife doesn’t know about.

“I chose those two toys because if my sexual orientation was different to what it currently it is, I would certainly want those two in my arsenal of f*** toys.”