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NewsWelder left in tears by curry made with world's hottest chilli peppers...

Welder left in tears by curry made with world’s hottest chilli peppers – Viral News UK

HILARIOUS images show how a welder was left in tears after taking on a supermarket curry made with the world’s hottest chilli peppers.

Craig Melrose, 36, shared the images of his face dripping with sweat after demolishing an Iceland Spicy Carolina Reaper Curry on Friday.

The £2 meal “challenge” features Carolina Reapers, the spiciest chilli peppers known to man, as well as an entire Jinta pepper.

The £2 Iceland curry meal - Viral News UK
The £2 meal “challenge” features Carolina Reapers, the spiciest chilli peppers known to man, as well as an entire Jinta pepper.

The images show Craig, from Mayfield, Midlothian, looking thoroughly defeated as he stares at the camera.

His red, blotchy face is covered in beads of sweat while his eyes are filled with tears.

Another snap shows the cause of his misery in its packaging, complete with warning and hazard signs.

Despite his discomfort, Craig took to Facebook to share the snaps the next day, saying: “Ridiculous but I ate it all. Pizza challenge in the morning maybe.”

Craig Melrose suffering from the curry - Viral News UK
Craig Melrose, was left drenched in sweat from eating the curry

The comical images have prompted concern from social media users.

Jack Mccoll wrote under his post: “I reckon it’s gonna be roasting, he doesn’t look like he’s having fun.”

Tom Stewart said: “Oh girl the ring sting in full swing.”

Nick Wren said: “looks like he’s gonna cry.”

Craig Melrose after completing the dish - Viral News UK
A beaten Craig says the curry: “Wasn’t enjoyable.”

Speaking today, Craig added: “I was on holiday from my work and I could remember my friend telling me about the curry so I thought I would give it a go.

“I also ate the full chilli that was in with it. It was really hot, but I think I could maybe go to the next level surprisingly.

“I haven’t had much pain but, I was kinda dreading that too but it’s hard to explain everyone has different tolerances to spicy food.

“It’s definitely hot though. It wasn’t enjoyable, certainly won’t be rushing back for seconds. I have the pizza to try next weekend.

“All my friends have been asking where I got the curry and stuff so hopefully I get to see some of my mates in a bit of discomfort.”

Iceland re-released the tikka chicken curry this year as a limited edition challenger following its popularity back in 2018.


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