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Advantages and Disadvantages of Buying Instagram Followers and Likes


Nowadays, business owners and influencers are trying their best to create a great online presence on social media platforms. If you see, most of them focus on Instagram as it gives them a broader set of audience from across the world. But it takes a lot of time to grow followers and engagement on Instagram as there are more than billions of active accounts on it. Thus, some people consider buying Instagram followers and likes to boost their online presence, which ultimately grows their business.


Although there is a great controversy on whether you should buy these metrics or just focus on organic growth, you need to ensure what is suitable for you. Here you will find a list of all the advantages and disadvantages of buying Instagram followers and likes that will help you make a suitable decision. So let’s first start with the advantages and then head towards the disadvantages.

Buying Instagram followers
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Advantages of Buying Instagram followers and likes –

Regardless of the negative aspects that you may have heard about buying Instagram followers and likes, remember that it is an excellent idea if you don’t have enough time to focus on your account. It offers good results in the long run. So here are the top reasons why buying Instagram followers and likes will help you.


  • Having a high follower count naturally increases your organic following:

You might have many competitors in the market. Some of them would have great follower count and offer the same services to customers as you do. Besides, it will be tough for you to organically grow your following and reach their level. So when customers or new visitors see that their account has more followers than you, they follow them instead of you and choose their services.


Thus, when you buy Instagram followers, it will help you to reach their level and attract new visitors. It will make your profile look excellent, and the users will more likely follow you. Later, it is up to you to create highly valuable content and keep the visitors attached to your profile for a lifetime.


  • Save Time:

You will need to spend more time liking and commenting on other user’s content to gain their attention. Apart from the time, it will be frustrating for you to do all the work on your own to attract visitors. Thus, when you buy Instagram likes, you gain more likes instantly and improve your profile appearance.


  • Increase engagement with your followers:

After buying Instagram followers, some of them will engage with your posts. Moreover, it will add up to your purchased likes and give a good appearance to your content. It also helps to increase your post circulation and attract new followers. Besides, your existing followers also feel compelled to interact with your posts. But remember to be careful while buying Instagram followers and likes. Look for real followers that can engage with your content and improve your online presence.


  • You may get more endorsement deals:

If you want to earn more money, then influencer endorsement is a great option. You can choose to become an influencer when you buy a large number of followers and likes. The brands will reach out to you and pay to endorse their services on your page. When brands and companies search for influencers, they consider the follower count first and then the engagement on their page. So you can have chances of attracting them by buying followers and likes.


Disadvantages of buying Instagram followers and likes:

Purchasing Instagram followers and likes can get pricey at times, and you don’t always get the output you want. Moreover, when you prefer high-quality and real Instagram followers, the cost quickly increases. And it becomes essential to buy at least a thousand or more followers to create a good impact on your brand. So it is essential to do thorough research and buy them from reputed sites. Doing this will bring you the desired return on investment. Besides, here are some disadvantages that come with buying Instagram followers and likes.


  • Purchasing followers does not create engagement on its own:

If you just buy followers and expect them to engage with your content, then you are wrong. Buying followers doesn’t mean that it is the end of your efforts. You would additionally need to engage with them and keep them active on your account. If you work on your engagement and encourage the users to join in the process, you can create a consistent engagement that will improve your brand’s online presence.


  • Getting fake followers may damage your reputation:

It is obvious that purchasing real Instagram followers will maintain your credibility while the fake services can hurt your reputation. That is because several fake companies are looking to generate quick income by selling fake followers. So when you buy these followers, it harms your reputation in the industry because these followers can get deleted or blocked anytime by Instagram.


  • You only get short-term result:

You will get an instant rise in your Instagram account and business after buying the followers and likes. But this sudden rise will last only for a short duration. Later, you will have to work on engaging with the followers and continue the momentum created to boost your online presence. If you stop being interactive, it will take you to the previous state with fewer followers. So you have the potential to make the best out of your purchase by following certain strategies and interacting with the followers.


  • You will be under the risk of getting shadowbanned:

If you buy real Instagram followers and likes, you won’t be at the risk of getting shadowbanned. But a bad purchase of fake followers can harm your reputation and put red flags on your account. Moreover, if someone reports your account for spammy posts and comments, you can be banned from the app for violating the rules.



Having more followers and likes always becomes beneficial for your brand’s representation, so make sure you go through all the advantages and disadvantages to make a final decision suitable for your business.