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5 Skills Interviewers Look for in a Cloud Computing Candidate


As the cloud computing market is on the rise, it looks like a lucrative job opportunity. A majority of the companies across the globe have moved to cloud services, which means this industry has a great future. This is why several candidates are seeking out a job opportunity in this field as their career prospect. 

While a Cloud Computing Certification has become a must, there are several other skills that the interviewer looks for in a cloud computing candidate, as mentioned below.

  1. Cloud Platforms:

To step into a cloud computing job, you cannot do without learning about the various cloud platforms. As there are different cloud providers, you have to understand how each one of them works differently. There are different certifications available for these individual cloud providers, which you should look into and choose one based on your career path. While the most popular choices are AWS and Azure, GCP which comes next is also known to offer the highest paying jobs in this field. 

  1. Storage

Cloud is all about storing data online, hence it becomes vital to understand where and how the data is stored. Learn about the different types of storage options as mentioned below. 

  • Personal cloud storage
  • Private cloud storage
  • Public cloud storage
  • Hybrid cloud storage
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When you thoroughly understand how data is stored in multiple cloud environments, then you can make sure that the cloud environment runs smoothly, which is a vital part of being a cloud computing expert.

  1. Data Management:

As we have seen, the importance of data above when it comes to cloud, data management in cloud computing is an important skill which is expected from a candidate. Cloud is not just used to store public data but also sensitive company information which needs to be stored, collected, and maintained in an effective and secure way. Hence data management skills are something you cannot ignore. 

  1. Networking:

It is the responsibility of a cloud computing expert to ensure the responsiveness of the networks as per the customer’s demand, which can only be possible if the person understands network fundamentals which is essential for the job.

  1. Cloud Security:

Cloud is used by numerous companies to store their sensitive data, which means data breach is always a possibility you should look out for. Considering how unsafe the internet can get, security can be a major concern when it comes to cloud storage. Organizations have put up the needed security tools in place to secure the customer data, but apart from that, the cloud professional who is responsible for security should have in-depth knowledge of these tools which would be expected of you if you are applying for such a job.

  1. Serverless Architecture

Earlier, cloud servers were managed through a server-based architecture but as technology advanced, it is now possible to go serverless with advanced coding. The advantage of going serverless is that it is efficient and also inexpensive. Organizations may lookout for candidates who have upscaled their knowledge and learned about serverless architectures as it is the future of the cloud computing field.

If you master the above-mentioned skills and produce an impressive portfolio, your chances of stepping towards a lucrative career in the cloud computing industry can be a sure thing.



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