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NewsDetermined pipefitter drives digger through house so he can build a boozer

Determined pipefitter drives digger through house so he can build a boozer

A DETERMINED pipefitter removed the door frames on his house so he could drive a digger through the property to build a pub in the back garden.

Sarah Paddock filmed her husband Garth Paddock driving the one-seater digger through their house in Lancashire on Saturday so he could start work on their new boozer.

Not letting anything get in his way, the hilarious clip shows 37-year-old Garth driving up a makeshift ramp and bashing the door as he navigates through the utility room.


Pieces of plasterboard and wood can be scattered around the floors at the side entrance after the wooden frames had to be removed when Garth realised the digger was a few inches too wide.

Sarah’s father Paul Bailey is shown trying to direct Garth and his digger to the back door – which has also had its frame completely removed.

A second clip then shows Garth after he had managed to turn the machinery around in order to get it out in the back garden.

Digger inside | DIY News UK
Gareth Paddock drives his digger through his house to start building his garden pub.

Garth can be seen concentrating as he slowly tries to navigate the digger out – without doing anymore damage to his house.

The clip then ends but his wife Sarah has since revealed that he managed to get it outside safely to start work on their lockdown pub.

Sarah, 36, shared the hilarious clips on a Facebook group later that day, writing: “‘For the love of the Pub’ he says……. anyone else’s husband pull door cases out to take a digger through their house?! 

“It’s no wonder I drink!”

Gareth and Sarah Paddock | DIY News UK
Gareth and Sarah Paddock who are building a boozer in their back garden.

The clip has attracted over 1,300 likes on Facebook and hundreds of comments from group members.

Robert Phillips wrote: “Now that’s dedication for the beers. Good lad.”

Ed Enright commented: “The things a man will do to get a pint.”

Arran Baines said: “This guy has dedication to the pub.”

And Richard Boothby said: “Legend!!! Hahahahahaha.”

While others were worried about Sarah being furious about any potential damage to the house.

John Mckeeman wrote: “Get him to dig a big enough whole for his body.”

Kerry Wilkinson added: “Quality I would have killed my husband.”

Speaking today, Sarah said: “We pulled the shed down and decided to rebuild one with a summer house attached. 

Building the back garden pub | DIY News UK
Gareth and crew hard at work starting the construction of their backyard boozer.

“For some reason, I envisaged some prebuilt walls being delivered and it would be up within days. 

“Delivery after delivery of materials, I opened the door one Saturday morning to a digger being delivered! 

“At first I laughed, and then panicked, and asked how on Earth that would get into the garden?! 

“With his usual cheeky grin he told it was fine, ‘it would fit’ through the utility room. It didn’t.

“Him and my dad are like a double act together and egg each other on, next thing I know he’s ripped my door frames out and he’s happily tootling through our house on his digger laughing his little head off! 

“I had to go and get a gin!”

She added: “The concrete base was poured this weekend through a neighbours garden all ready to build on now.

“We’re doing it between full time jobs and two kids! I need this drink! It better be worth it!”

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