Friday, May 20, 2022
NewsHilarious pic shows DPD customer "papped" during epic beauty regime

Hilarious pic shows DPD customer “papped” during epic beauty regime

A DPD customer has shared a hilarious picture of himself being “papped” by his delivery driver – while in the midst of his epic beauty regime.

Reginald Mlongoti shared the photograph that his DPD driver managed to capture as he tried to hide behind his front door on Tuesday.

In the picture, 27-year-old Reginald can be seen lurking behind his front door as he takes in a parcel for his mother, Mukanyemba.

Hilarious pic shows how DPD customer was papped by driver - Viral News UK
Reginald was caught by his delivery driver as he answered the door.

Reginald, from Luton in Bedfordshire, is shown sheepishly peering from the side of the door after being caught wearing a white, slimy facemask.

His hand can be seen reaching out to grab hold of the parcel.

According to Reginald, he was in the midst of a meditation session after returning from a run.

He decided to put on a 15 minute mask and was eight minutes in when the doorbell rang.

Not wanting to take off the mask, which was hard to get on, he decided to answer the door with it on.

Reginald then posted the picture of himself onto his Twitter yesterday, captioning his post: “Delivery man is a big fat wasteman taking this pic.”

Hilarious pic shows how DPD customer was papped by driver - Viral News UK
Pictured: Reginald, without his face mask.

Since he shared the amazing picture, his tweet has been liked over 29,000 times and retweeted 1,600 times.

He also managed to catch up with the driver who captured the amazing shot yesterday.

In a video also shared to his Twitter, Reginald can be heard saying to the driver: “You dropped that thing to me yesterday when the dog was barking.

The driver gives him the thumbs up as Reginald continues: “Yeah you took that picture of me with the facemask, you’ve put me viral on twitter.”

Dozens of Twitter users have commented on the hilarious shot.

@Chxmbs said: “The delivery man knew he was about to take the shot of a lifetime, howling.”

@JLonsdale_96 posted: “He’s done the dirty on him here poor bloke.”

@RachaelMc1 commented: “I’m sorry but this is hilarious. I bet you have a lovely soft face now lol.”

Hilarious pic shows how DPD customer was papped by driver - Viral News UK
Dozens of twitter users found the picture hilarious.

Speaking today, Reginald said: “I had been for a run that morning and had just showered, put my mask on and was meditating.

“Doorbell rang, dog was going divvy so forgetting that delivery couriers take pics I chanced opening the door with my mask on just to get papped.

“The next day I was talking to a friend on the phone and I saw a DPD truck pull up and alas it was him.

“Taking care of your skin isn’t a female trait, it’s self care and I recommend everyone to treat themselves with love and respect but maybe don’t open the door with one on, unless you’re brave.”

A spokesman for DPD today said: “Our secure, contactless delivery process includes the driver taking a photograph of the parcel in the open doorway on their handheld DPD scanner.

“The image is then automatically shared with the recipient as proof of delivery.

“While our drivers are trained not to include faces in the pictures, the camera software does automatically blur faces if they are captured accidentally.

“However, it looks like the face mask may have confused the technology on this occasion.”

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