Frog fanatic dubbed “Tadpole Girl” adopts new season of frog spawn


A FROG fanatic dubbed “That Tadpole Girl” has gone viral again after announcing she has adopted more frogspawn.

Hannah McSorley became a TikTok hit last year after collecting frogspawn from a shallow puddle near her home in County Tyrone, Northern Ireland.

The 18-year-old took it home in a jar and ended up having to upgrade them into tubs and then into a paddling pool after the collection grew to over 37,000.

Hannah documented herself feeding, cleaning and nurturing the tadpoles as they grew into frogs.

Her videos became an instant hit – attracted more than 1.7million followers at the time.

On Monday she caused hysteria amongst her fans after announcing on TikTok that she was going to document this year’s spawning season.

.baby.frogs on Tik Tok | Entertainment News UK
Hannah McSorley’s tadpole Tik Tok

In her video, Hannah shows a large jar full of fresh spawn and a robotic voiceover can be heard saying: “Last year my Tadpole series was a huge hit, 1.7 million people followed to watch it.”

The voiceover continues: “It’s finally time for season two. The frogs have awoken.”

“The baby froggies are being made right now.”

Hannah is then shown filling up the pool which she nurtures the spawn in as the voiceover says: “We are getting ready for the spawn.”

“We will only be taking spawn that is at risk.”

“Get ready to watch season two.”

On Tuesday, Hannah uploaded the first segment in Season Two.

Jar of frogspawn | Entertainment News
Hanna’s jar of frogspawn that she grew last spring

The teenager pans the camera round to show her hand showing a handful of fresh spawn.

Hannah then loads the spawn into a large mason jar and captions the short clip: “I’ll be moving them into a bigger jar tomorrow.”

She then says: “Follow them to watch them grow.”

Hannah’s Tik Tok blew up last in June of last year as she documented the growth and development of 37,000 tadpoles into frogs.
Over the course of a year her Tik Tok series has collected 40 million likes and 2 million followers. 

Hannah's frogspawn | Entertainment News UK
Hanna’s frogspawn

Hannah’s first video of season two has now gained an incredible 25.8 million views, 3.8 million likes and over 70,000 comments. 

Tik Tok users joked in the comments.

@Kavi727 said: “The forbidden boba.”

@Vrayden7223 wrote: “Orbeez look different here.”

@EliseIrie commented: “Forbidden chia seed pudding.”

@Roguevalleypeppershakers replied: “FROGTOK IS BACK!”