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Scots engineer captures extreme weather change – just nine hours apart

A SCOTS engineer has captured impressive images which show the extreme weather changes in Scotland within nine hours. 

Adam Sneddon managed to snap two comparison photos yesterday just north of Longhaven, Aberdeenshire, on the A90.

Adam, who is from Peterhead in Aberdeenshire, snapped the first image while on his morning commute to work to show his colleagues. 

Extreme Scottish weather switch | Scottish News
Adam snapped his snowy drive to work as proof of the icy conditions for his colleagues.              Copyright – Adam Sneddon

31-year-old Adams’ first picture taken in the morning shows a very snowy and icy looking road.

The whole landscape surrounding the road can be seen covered in a fresh blanket of crisp white snow.

Another image taken on his way home later that day shows a stark contrast, the snow has completely melted due to the sunshine and bright blue skies. 

Extreme Scottish weather switch | Scottish News
On his way home, Adam noticed the stark change in weather and took a second photo to compare the two journeys. Copyright – Adam Sneddon

It is hard to imagine that the pictures show the same stretch of road, never mind only being taken hours apart. 

Amazed by the extreme change in weather, Adam took to Facebook to share his pictures.

He captioned his post: “Same place, nine hours apart.

“Got to love that Scottish spring weather.”

Adam’s post now holds over 1,400 likes with dozens of comments acknowledging the incredible change. 

Wilma McCallum wrote: “The Sky is amazing.”

Adam Sneddon | Scottish News
Engineer Adam and his beloved dog Ozzy.                                                                                Copyright – Adam Sneddon

Wendy Papp commented: “Absolutely brilliant photos.”

Diana Miracle Clark said: “I can’t help but laugh at how much I remember this as a kid.” 

Marlyn Merriman replied: “Crazy as usual.”

Speaking today Adam said: “I took a picture in the morning to show the guys at work how bad the roads were at my side. 

“Glad I did as there was absolutely nothing on the ground nearer Aberdeen.

“It was just like a standard snowy day, no gritters to be seen.

“It’s Scotland so never really thought much of the change in weather. 

“We’ve always got to be prepared for four seasons in a day here.”

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