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Carpet fitter eats scented burner wax thinking customer had left him “quirky” chocolate

A CARPET fitter claims he ate glittery scented burner wax after thinking one of his customers had left him some “quirky” chocolate with his cuppa.

Drew Suttle spotted two blocks of what looked like chocolate alongside a cup of tea whilst working on a job in Bishop Auckland, Country Durham last Tuesday.

Not wanting to appear rude, the 40-year-old started eating the treat which had the writing “lovingly hand made” across the wrapper.

Carpet fitter eats scented burning wax | Food and Drink News UK
Drew later posted his unfortunate mistake to Facebook.

Drew thought the wax melts were actually “posh tosh nosh” chocolates from a farm shop.

Despite finding the household item “bland and a tad soapy”, Drew didn’t think much of it as the texture was similar to chocolate “that had been left in the fridge”. 

He then hid the rest of the wax in his pocket, leaving the customer to believe he’d finished it.

The tradesman was later confronted by the resident over where her missing wax melts had gone and informed of the food mix up fail.

Carpet fitter eats scented burning wax | Food and Drink News UK
The pink and brown scented burning wax was sprinkled in glitter.

Drew posted about his dopey moment on Facebook last Tuesday, writing: “Customer made me a cup of tea and put it on the window ledge, with these.

“Weird chocolate, I thought, quirky. 

“Took my obligatory “shit-snacks-photo” but not wanting to offend, I had some anyway and pocket-yucked the rest.

“Customer came back in for the mug.

“Have you eaten my scented burner wax?”

“Yes. Yes I have”

“I went and sat in my van. I have not yet gone back in.”

Drew also posted images of the glittery wax melts after already breaking off a few of the cubes.

One photo shows a glittered pink block of wax which has been molded so there are six small squares which can be broken up one at a time. 

Carpet fitter eats scented burning wax | Food and Drink News UK
Drew Suttle who mistook the wax for fancy chocolate.

Another similar block in a darker grey colour was also pictured alongside it.

Drews post now holds dozens of likes with dozens of users finding Drews unfortunate situation hilarious.

Lisa-Marie New joked: “Well there’s a high chance you might not need the air freshener in the toilet tonight.”

Malcolm Wright wrote: “Proper laugh out loud moment! Ya nutter.”

Truan Randle said: “This has just absolutely made my day.”

Erin Holmes: commented: “My days been f****** made!”

Speaking today, Drew said: “The customer came in and said ‘popped a tea up there for you’.

“She’d put it down next to these wax melt things, I’d never come across them before.

“I thought it was some posh tosh nosh from a farm shop.

“I had a try of the pink one, I thought it would be some strawberry or ruby chocolate.

“Chomping away on it I’m thinking ‘hmmm I don’t rate this much’. 

“I couldn’t bite it so sucked away on it for five minutes whilst I worked. 

“Not wanting to offend the customer and reject the snack, I pocket-yucked the rest to be courteous.

“Customer came up 20 minutes later for the mug, ‘do you want another cuppa?’

“She stood staring at the mug, the empty wrappers etc, looked at me, back at the wrappers, back to me and said ‘have you eaten my scented wax melts?’

“There was three seconds of stunned silence, I tried to play it cool and said ‘yes, yes I have’. 

“I casually walked off to retreat to the safety of my van before any more questions were asked!”

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