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Scot fuming after picking up 57 bags of dog poo from beauty spot

A SCOTS care worker has been left fuming after picking up 57 individual bags of dog poo from a popular walking spot – including five suspected bags of “human faeces”.

Linda Morris was shocked to pick up 41 plastic bags of poo from one bush alone at Muiry Woods in Forres, Moray yesterday.

The 34-year-old was out on a walk with her friend Julie Duncan when they found that five bags were also filled with used toilet tissue too.

Linda said that the suspected human faeces were found near bags of half eaten chicken which aroused her suspicions that the remains were not left by animals.

Five of the bags had tissues in and with no toilets nearby and scenes of a picnic it appeared to be human poo. 

Scottish Nature News
The rubbish the Scots care worker collected

The two friends were disgusted and horrified by the waste but put on their gloves and cleaned up after the vile dumpers.

Linda, who is also from Forres, Moray, posted photographs of their findings on Facebook – prompting fury from social media users.

She said: “57 bags of dog poo me and my friend Julie Duncan have just picked up from Muiry Woods.

“41 poo bags alone were pulled from one bush, five of them I wondered if it was human as there was tissue in them.

“I thought I would share a few pictures of it all just to highlight how this IS a different kind of stupid.

“Come one really it’s so selfish and disgusting, do the people who are doing this have no shame?

“It’s not just this wood, its Culbin, Findhorn and other wooded areas, poo bags everywhere, with crap inside.

“What is the point? Why go through the effort?

“Just leave it if you’re going to do that OR leave it on the side of the path where at least someone can pick it up.

“Seriously stop doing it, I hope the person or people doing this see this post and can see how nasty their actions are.

“Plastic takes a long time to degrade a pile of poo will eventually be washed away by the weather.”

Scottish Nature News
The bags of feces

The post attracted dozens of comments from fuming locals.

Mikey Allen said: “What’s even more stupid is that it’s fine to flick the poo off the path for not the bushes etc.

“If you aren’t going to take a bag home or bin it – don’t bother with the bag.” 

Mary Sutherland said: “I live across from a lovely park area in Forres and every day I can stand at my window and watch the dog walkers not picking up after their dogs.

“Some are people I know in the town. There is a children’s play park there too and it’s disgusting leaving it behind when there are adequate bins.” 

Margaret Greatorex added: “We used to live in Lossie and it was not only dog poo it was babies nappies on the beach.

“We used to go up the beach early in morning and pick up all the rubbish. It was disgusting.” 

Shocking images show the many black bags filled with human and canine feces littered around the beautiful natural woodland area. 

Speaking today Linda said: “Me and Julie don’t go out of our way like ‘Forres clean up’ but if we are out on walks and see rubbish, we will pick it up anyway.

“I’ve now stocked my car up with bags and gloves for future findings. This is the worst kind of littering.

“We even found an empty bag of chicken. They’ve got to be the same person as those five [poo] bags as they were pretty much in the same spot.

“There are loads of dog walkers in Forres, it’s a popular spot and most people you bump into there are really pleasant.”

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