Shocking images show nesting swan surrounded by plastic rubbish in Scots river


A SCOTS photographer has captured heartbreaking images of a nesting swan surrounded by masses of plastic rubbish. 

John Dyer snapped pictures of the shocking scene on Friday while he was out on a walk around Strathclyde Country Park in Motherwell, North Lanarkshire.  

The 65-year-old amateur photographer was shocked to discover the beautiful swan nesting amongst a hoard of litter on the South Calder Water.

Swan nesting in litter filled river | Scottish News
A collection of plastic bottles, glass bottles and metal cans can be seen floating in the river.                           (C) John Dyer

Plastic, metal and glass litter has collected in a large murky brown pool after as a result of a barrier used to filter out the rubbish from running down steam to the local Strathclyde Loch.

The shocking images show a single swan perched upon a collection of wooden branches that appear to be its nest. 

Surrounding the swan is a disgusting amount of murky brown sludge alongside masses of plastic litter. 

Amongst the rubbish there are, dirty plastic bottles, glass beer bottles, empty plastic wrappers, metal cans and even a football. 

A tinged orange barrier, which is used to prevent the litter from traveling further, has collected an array of murky brown waste spreading nearly the full width of the river.

Swan nesting in litter filled river | Scottish News
An orange barrier has been put in place to prevent the litter from travelling further down stream.                    (C) John Dyer

John, a retired firefighter, posted one shocking image to Facebook yesterday writing: “Mother Nature in Motherwell always finds a way…”

John’s post has now collected over 100 likes with dozens of Facebook users left in disgust by the heartbreaking image. 

Debbie Hurrell wrote: “Beautiful swan, but the litter surrounding it is absolutely disgusting.”

Ellison Dunn said: “Filthy ignorant selfish humans!”

Charmaine Joy replied: “What a dreadful shame with all that litter.”

Neška Van commented: “Mother Nature should not have to, people should learn to respect Mother Nature and themselves… 

“Poor swan.”

Swan nesting in litter filled river | Scottish News
The swan’s nest was surrounded by a huge amount of rubbish.                                                                     (C) John Dyer

Chantal Schlatter-Bättig also wrote: “I feel very disturbed by this picture! And feel sorry for the swan!”

Speaking today John said: “I was just amazed more than shocked when I saw that us human beings can be so thoughtless but mother nature finds a way to use our carelessness.

“The swans do not seem to be distressed in any way, just getting on with what they do. 

“I just found it so sad that the swans used such a place to breed but maybe understandable they chose such a spot because they wouldn’t be disturbed , 

“I was just so impressed at their work in such a spot.

“As I watched the swan sitting there so serenely amid our rubbish I thought of the swans as the ‘beauty’ and humans as the ‘beast’.”