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Glasgow man jailed for keeping guns and explosives at his home

A man who kept guns and an explosive device in his house in Glasgow and attacked his friend with a machete has been jailed.

Brian Emans, 40, had friends round to his home in Bridgeton, Glasgow on 11 July 2020 when he got into an argument with Damien Doherty. Emans attacked Mr Doherty with a machete, who had to be taken to hospital to be treated for deep cuts and a fracture to his arm.

When Mr Doherty reported the attack to police, he told them he had seen a sawn-off shotgun and revolver in Emans’ home.

Crown Office

Armed police searched the house on 17 July 2020; when they arrived Emans was carrying a Smith and Weston revolver loaded with four bullets and a sawn-off Collings and Wallis shotgun was found lying on top of his fridge.

Officers also found an improvised explosive device in the bedroom. They evacuated residents from nearby properties and brought in Royal Navy bomb disposal teams to make the device safe.

Emans pled guilty at the High Court in Glasgow on 14 April and was today (May 12) jailed for 13 years and 9 months.

Crown Office

David Green, procurator fiscal for homicide and major crime, said:

“Brian Emans had loaded weapons and an unstable improvised explosive device in his home, posing a real danger to his neighbours and the community.

Crown Office

“We cannot tolerate this dangerous behaviour and today’s sentence reflects the severity with which we, and partner agencies, treat these cases.”

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