Friday, August 12, 2022
BusinessA philanthropy invests in Scottish mentoring and leadership programme

A philanthropy invests in Scottish mentoring and leadership programme

Sir Tom Hunter announced an investment for a Scottish Mentoring and Leadership programme for young people across Scotland.

There will be a £7.5 million investment from The Hunter Foundation (THF) they are partnering with the Scottish Government to deliver an overall funding package of £26.9m.

MCR Pathways charity will roll out its successful Young Scottish Talent mentoring programme.

Sir Tom Hunter - Education News Scotland
Photo by Muckle Media. Sir Tom Hunter (above) announced the £7.5 million investment from The Hunter Foundation.

Charity and social enterprise Columba 1400 will expand its Leadership Academies for Young People working in partnership to improve education outcomes, career opportunities and life chances. 

A network of volunteer mentors – drawn from business, civic society, and the wider public – will offer tailored support to young people as lockdown eases.

The volunteers will develop strong relationships that are at the heart of the programme and key to helping young people achieve their full potential.

Volunteer - Education News Scotland
Photo by ray sangga kusuma on Unsplash. The volunteers will offer support to the students through schools.

Commenting Sir Tom Hunter, founder, the Hunter Foundation, said: “The impact of Covid-19 on our young people has been devastating and we now need, with focus, care and speed, to support them in moving to positive destinations using proven models of support.

“Thankfully we have those models of support in MCR Pathways and Columba 1400 and by combining their skills and support and joining that support up seamlessly with the likes of DYW (Developing the Young Workforce) and SDS (Skills Development Scotland) we believe we can make a massive difference to the 15000 or so young people this programme will support.

“That impact will not only deliver positive destinations to them but make a material and significant impact on our economy both in savings in service provision and in their moving to a positive destination in employment or further education.

“We must work collectively by building on the sum of the parts and dynamically with the customer at the front and centre of this programme in partnership with schools and Local Authorities alike.”

charity - Education News Scotland
Photo by Joel Muniz on Unsplash. The investment will go to charities including MCR Pathways and Columba 1400.

Marie Clare Tully, Chief Executive, Columba 1400, commented: “We are so grateful that thanks to the kindness and vision of the Scottish Government and The Hunter Foundation we are working in partnership with MCR Pathways so we can be alongside the incredible young people of Scotland who bring so much to each and every community. 

“Mentoring and exploring values-based leadership will lead to young people creating the conditions for change.

“It will help them open up and become leaders within their families, schools and communities.

“It will help create believers in change and makers of change.

“The ripple effect will be felt across the whole of society.”

leadership - Education News Scotland
Photo by on Unsplash. The Hunter Foundation commits £7.5m to support educational and economic recovery in Scotland.

Graeme McEwan, CEO and Mentor, MCR Pathways said: “This is a significant and ground-breaking investment in the future of young people across the country and we are delighted by the opportunities it offers to improve the lives of those who need our support most.

“All young people, no matter their background or circumstances, deserve the right to reach their full potential.

“Mentoring plays a vital role in unlocking this potential and helping to build a more confident, skilled and inclusive generation who will play their full part in the future success of this country.

“We look forward to working with volunteer mentors, schools, teachers and Columba 1400 to make a long and lasting impact through this initiative.”

The programme will be delivered in partnership with local authorities that wish to participate and will be part of the Scottish Government’s Young Person’s Guarantee, to provide long term support where it is needed most and is completely aligned with the Promise.

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