Bizarre “elephant underwear thong G-string” donated to children’s charity shop


A CHILDREN’S charity shop was donated a bizarre men’s “elephant underwear thong G-string”.

Manager Penny Joyce burst out laughing when she opened a bag of items gifted to the Barnardo’s charity shop in Colwyn Bay, Conwy in Wales on Tuesday.

Penny decided not to put the underwear on sale as she didn’t feel it would be appropriate for the store that helps to support the UK’s most vulnerable children.

Men's elephant head G-string | Consumer News UK
The bizarre men’s underwear featured two googly eyes, large red ears and a long hollow trunk.                   (C) Penny Joyce

Despite thinking about taking the rude elephant trunked G-string home as a joke, Penny decided against it and ended up binning the item.

Images show the shiny red underwear which is in the shape of an elephant’s head and has two large googly eyes attached above the trunk. 

There are two enormous ears on either side of the head and a long, hollow, trunk hanging from the front of the piece.

Penny posted a picture of the silly underwear onto a Facebook group later on the same day writing: “I’m done!

“Donated to Barnardo’s, Colwyn Bay and unfortunately can’t put it out for sale!”

The post has now collected over 500 likes, with hundreds of comments from group members who have been left in stitches.

One user wrote: “Label it as a face mask, someone will wear it.”

Whilst another said: “I think I know how the trunk would move… 

“But how would you make the ears flap?” 

One member replied: “I wonder if one size fits all?”

Another user commented: “No need for special equipment like that.

“Just pull the insides of your pockets out and undo your zip. 

“Times are hard for some people but there’s no excuse not to make an effort.”

The Barnardo's charity shop | Consumer News UK
Penny decided the piece was not suitable to sell for the charity which helps support the UK’s vulnerable children. (C)

One member joked: “Filling the trunk isn’t a problem, but a testicle in each ear is a bit of a stretch…”

Another user also wrote: “They think they’re a hunk with a trunk, when really they’re a chump with a stump.”

Speaking today Penny said: “It was in a bag that was donated to the store.

“I laughed, it made our day.

“We’re a children’s charity so it’s probably not something we should sell.

“Nelly ended her life in a rag bag unfortunately, sad but true.

“Well I thought about it (taking it home) but in the end I decided not to.”

She added: “We’ve had a lot worse donated.

“Lacy lingerie, half used lube, sex toys, 17 bin bags of rotting stained bedding.

“But we’ve also had amazing donations that cancel out the bad.”