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EntertainmentData reveals what the world listened to whilst on the loo

Data reveals what the world listened to whilst on the loo

As we all became more accustomed to spending time in our homes over the last 12 months, data found out what the most popular songs and artists are for when the bathroom door is closed.

Uswitch used Spotify to discover this data.

By analysing hundreds of Spotify playlists with relevant names and terms like ‘pooping’ and ‘pooing’, the data revealed an eclectic mix of songs and artists people most listen to whilst on the loo.

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Photo by Oleg Sergeichik on Unsplash. The data reveals that the TikTok famous ‘Sweater Weather’ by the Neighbourhood is the song that is most listened to whilst pooping.

Despite originally being released in 2013, Sweater Weather has recently found fame again nearly 10 years on, resulting in over 5 million streams in November 2020 alone.

Frank Ocean’s ‘Chanel,’ famed for its chilled-out piano accompaniment, takes second place as it features on 38 pooping playlists, followed by ‘505’ by Arctic Monkeys, which is yet another track with a soft keys background which the band claimed was their first proper love song.

Interestingly, all three of these songs have openly been labelled as love songs; both ‘Sweater Weather’ and ‘Chanel’ are explorations of fluidity and LGBTQ+ relationships, while ‘505’ literally refers to the hotel room number that Alex Turner’s (Arctic Monkeys frontman) girlfriend was staying in at the time he wrote this song.

Specifically looking at the top pop artists for pooping, American singer song-writer Billie Eilish comes out at the most popular.

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Photo by himanshu Chaudhary on Unsplash. At number two is The Weeknd, followed by Australian artist Tame Impala and American singer Bruno Mars.

Five British artists make the top 20 toilet-time artists, ranging from classic bands like The Beatles (14th) to the man of the moment Harry Styles at 11th place.

It seems we’re a fan of female tones whilst on the loo as there are eight female singers within the top 20, with Taylor Swift, Ariana Grande and Lana Del Ray all featuring regularly on pooping playlists. 

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