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NewsHeartwarming image shows Nicola Sturgeon reunited with sister

Heartwarming image shows Nicola Sturgeon reunited with sister

A HEARTWARMING image shows First Minister Nicola Sturgeon reunited with her sister after lockdown restrictions were eased at the weekend. 

Gill Sturgeon posted the photograph on her Facebook page on Sunday captioned “Reunited” alongside love heart icons.

The image shows Nicola beaming with happiness as she holds up the camera for a selfie with her sister by her side. 

Nicola and Gill Sturgeon selfie | Politics News UK
The heart warming image shows the joyous moment the First Minister and her sister were reunited.                                (C) Gill Sturgeon Facebook

The family shot comes after Glasgow was finally lowered to Level Two and lockdown restrictions were eased across Scotland on Saturday.

NHS worker Gill shared the selfie on her Facebook page on Sunday following the reunion.

The post has now collected over 3,000 likes and hundreds of comments from followers who were touched by the image. 

Janie Cusator-McNeil wrote: “Lovely to see big smiles and happiness after the long distance between you both.”

Andrea Nicol said: “Great picture of you both, hope you all had a wonderful time.”

Fiona Ewan replied: “Wow, this is the best photo on Facebook today. 

“You both look so happy. 

“Our First Minister is the best, and so are you.”

Gill Sturgeons reunion Facebook post | Politics News Scotland
The sisters were reunited at the weekend after Scotland’s lockdown restrictions were again eased.

Alison Campbell commented: “Regardless of who your sister is (she is awesome) this is just such a simple happy photo of reunion and it makes my heart sing.”

Throughout the pandemic Nicola has often related to the public in expressing how greatly she misses her family. 

In May 2020, Nicola was recorded saying “I miss my family too” as she expressed her worries of following England in lifting lockdown restrictions prematurely.

Speaking at a briefing last month before restrictions were eased, Sturgeon said: “My message to the people of Glasgow is don’t lose heart. On the contrary, take heart from the progress that we are seeing.

“I live in Glasgow so I know how hard this is from my own personal life, but please continue to help with all of the public health efforts that are in place…”

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