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World’s oldest ring-tailed lemur celebrates 35th birthday at Scots zoo

THE world’s oldest ring-tailed lemur has celebrated his 35th birthday at a Scottish zoo.

Age-defiant Stumpy enjoyed his “lemur-friendly” birthday cake at Five Sisters Zoo in West Calder, West Lothian yesterday.

The furry favourite is believed to be the oldest ring-tailed lemur in captivity with even his own sons beginning to face life as an old-aged lemur.

35 year old stumpy with his birthday cake | Animal News Scotland
Stumpy is believed to be one of the oldest ring tailed lemurs alive.                                                        (C) Five Sister Zoo

In the wild, lemurs usually die aged 12 to 15 and in captivity at around the age of 25 – highlighting Stumpy’s impressive life.

The grey, white and black primate suffers from arthritis in his claws, has lost some teeth and walks with a stoop but is still active and a firm favourite at the zoo.

Wholesome images show Stumpy perched next to his 35th birthday cake with a mouth full of banana. 

The cake consists of some of Stumpy’s favourite foods including lettuce, sweetcorn and berries.

Stumpy’s name and impressive age was added onto the cake.

Another image shows Stumpy munching on a piece of cake while posing next to a portrait of himself. 

Stumpy the lemur | Animal News Scotland
Stumpy has now surpassed the the average life span of a ring tailed lemur in captivity by over a decade.  (C) Five Sister Zoo

Five Sisters Zoo posted about Stumpy’s birthday yesterday, writing: “Today we celebrated Stumpy’s 35th birthday.

“He enjoyed a lemur-friendly birthday cake and presents made by his keepers.”

The post has now collected over 1,000 likes, with dozens of shares and comments from Facebook users who wished Stumpy a happy birthday. 

Maggi Kirkpatrick commented: “Wow 35 Stumpy, you are getting on. 

“But you still look like a teenager. Happy Birthday Stumpy.”

Betsy Moss wrote: “Happy birthday Stumpy, you are an inspiration.”

Carole Kerr said :”Happy birthday Stumpy! This guy is amazing.” 

Allyson Bailey added: “Amazing, he’s definitely going for the record!”

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