Supermarket chain sign six figure deal with a Glasgow based bakery


THE makers of “Scotland’s favourite” morning rolls have secured a six-figure deal with a supermarket chain to supply rolls, cakes, and a new range of savoury bakes. 

As one of Lidl’s longest-standing Scottish suppliers, Mortons Rolls has produced morning rolls, potato scones and sweet treats for the supermarket for over 17 years. 

The new contract includes an exclusive range of savoury bakes, a first for the Glasgow-based bakery

Mortons Rolls - Business News Scotland
Picture by Stewart Attwood. The Ferguson’s Steak Bakes, Cheesy Bean Bakes, and Chicken Curry Bakes are set to become a favourite with shoppers.

Employing over 260 people, the independently-owned company began making traditional morning rolls in 1965 before venturing into cakes, biscuits, and the Scottish breakfast staple, tattie scones. 

With significant investment being made in new machinery alongside the creation of new jobs, the new savoury line is part of the bakery’s commitment to diversifying its range and business growth. 

Alastair Sherry, Managing Director at Mortons Rolls, said: “We know morning rolls inside out and we’ve spent decades maintaining the traditional methods of baking with our team now producing over 1 million a week. 

Mortons Rolls - Business News Scotland
Picture by Stewart Attwood. Lidl boasts over 400 products from more than 60 Scottish suppliers.

“Venturing into savoury bakes was the natural next step for us and our partnership with Lidl helped us to do just that through the new contract and their ongoing support for our business.” 

Paul McQuade, Head of Buying Scotland at Lidl, said: “We’re incredibly proud to work with Mortons Rolls – they have been at the forefront of our commitment to supporting Scottish producers and have become a valuable partner. 

“Our long-standing and close relationship with the team has enabled us to strategically explore exciting new product lines and bring them exclusively to our shelves.”