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Benny Da Jewel: The New Face of High-end Jewelry

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The American entertainment industry is known for being the largest market for custom jewelry. Hip hop artists, rappers, and most A-list celebrities are synonymous with rocking loaded chains, bracelets, watches, and rings. These pieces come at a high cost and are mostly customized to fit the owners’ personalities.

Benny da Jewel, or Benny Nisanov, is one of the designers responsible for these sleek and insane jewelry pieces you see celebrities rocking. He runs a jewelry store in the Diamond District, a prime location that has been his workshop for the last five years. The outside look of the store might give you the general appearance of an ordinary store, but that’s where he does his magic. It’s the go-to store for many celebrities for high-end jewelry shopping. He has sold numerous pieces to stars, such as Diddy, Pop Smoke, Mary J. Blige, Lili Tjay, and is currently working on pieces for French Montana.

Benny’s pieces are not your average pieces displayed in ordinary stores that you can buy on the spot; they are unique, unmatched custom designs created from his clients’ specifications. His easy and straightforward approach in handling his clients makes him stand out from other jewelers. He is currently the most sought-after high-end custom jewelry creator, with his schedule being presently full.

His work routine is very simple; it begins with the celebrity contacting him to describe the type of piece they want, whether it’s a name, word, or design. Being a highly talented jeweler, Benny will then come up with a sketch design to present what the client has described. A carved wooden replica of the final piece is then created to give  a 3-dimensional representation of the expected final piece. He then presents the client with the various available options from stone quality to price ranges for the client to approve. Benny is very efficient in his work, and it takes him a maximum of two weeks for the small pieces and about three-four weeks for the larger pieces.

Price should be the least of your concerns as he creates value for your money. He is, however, known for producing some of the most expensive pieces that have cost over $200k. Lil Tjay recently acquired a custom pendant for $100k. In a single transaction with Benny, Mary J. Blige also bought custom pieces that cost $250K. There are no fixed prices for the pieces as they vary depending on the size, stone material, and design, but you should expect a minimum price of $10,000.

Pop Smoke, before his passing, was one of Benny’s big-name clients and among the most loyal customers and would often shout about Benny’s expertise in creating his stunning pieces. Diddy is also one of Benny’s most loyal customers, and he consults Benny about his fashion designs. Diddy is a regular visitor to Benny’s store and has even influenced his friends and family to become Benny’s repeat clients.

The future is undoubtedly bright for Benny as he continues to run the show in the high-end jewelry business. He is considering opening a new branch of his store but within the US. Meanwhile, he is committed to serving his clients with the unique pieces from watches, bracelets, chains, and rings.

You can be part of Benny da jewel’s family by following him on Instagram @bennydajewel

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