National ScamWatch week kicks off as new scams rise in Scotland


CONSUMERS are being told to be aware of new scams on the rise in Scotland as national ScamWatch week begins.

This year’s campaign aims to highlight that it is not just the elderly and vulnerable that are at risk of being scammed, as email and text scams are becoming more common and target people of all ages.

Common scams include fake parcel delivery texts, scammers claiming to be from HMRC and investment scams such as cryptocurrency offers.

Email and text scams are becoming more common.

Advice Direct Scotland say they have seen a steady rise in scams like these since restrictions from the Covid-19 pandemic have begun to ease.

Andrew Bartlett, chief executive at Advice Direct Scotland noted:

“With information more readily available, and methods of contact more accessible, scammers are increasingly targeting Scots consumers.

The more vulnerable members of our communities are often the preferred targets of scammers because of the belief that they will be easier to deceive, but the reality is that anyone can be caught out.”

The Scottish ScamWatch week campaign, which will run on various social media platforms throughout the week, will offer free advice on the ways in which consumers can reduce exposure to scammers and avoid being caught out.

The campaign will also provide tips on being cyber-aware, such as ensuring devices and software are kept up-to-date, adequate password protections are in place, and important data is backed up.

And it will offer advice on tools such as call blockers to stop unwanted phone calls.