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Scots teacher being investigated for wearing “inappropriate” figure-hugging morph suit for World Book Day

A SCOTS teacher is being investigated for wearing an “inappropriate” figure-hugging morph suit to school on World Book Day.

English teacher Martyn Tunstall donned the skin-tight red costume to surprise pupils at Broxburn Academy in West Lothian on Thursday.

The English teacher, from Edinburgh, left little to the imagination in the suit but allegedly told pupils that he was dressed up as Spider-Man.

Martyn Tunstall wearing the morph suit
The English teacher wore the outfit during World Book Day. Credit: Facebook

Pupils and parents were said to be shocked by the revealing outfit and complained to the school.

Images show Mr Tunstall walking around the classroom in front of one of his classes with his face covered.

Another image shows the secondary school teacher with the top of the suit unzipped, revealing his face.

West Lothian Council today confirmed they have launched an internal investigation into the incident.

Martyn Tunstall wore the suit for World Book Day
Martyn Tunstall teaches English at Broxburn Academy. Credit: Twitter

They refused to confirm whether the teacher is still working at the school or if he has been suspended pending investigation.

A concerned relative of one pupil sharing a photograph on Twitter of the teacher on Friday, writing: “Guy teacher at my wee cousin’s school has been sacked for dressing up for World Book Day in one of they morph suits not knowing his c**k baws, the lot, were on show.

“He was chasing the weans pretending to be Spider-Man.”

The post has received over 4,000 likes, more than 280 retweets and dozens of comments from social media users.

One person joked : “Imagine going for a new job after that. ‘What were you sacked for in your last job?’.”

Another local said: “This is Broxburn HS, I had a wee guy in for a trim after school, absolutely traumatised.”

While another person commented: “In a nutshell, that’s effing horrendous”

Another social media user tagged the school in a post on Saturday, writing: “Anyone else think this is an appropriate costume for World Book Day? Worn by a teacher at Broxburn Academy.”

Another person said: “@broxburnacademy Is this considered acceptable attire for teachers at the academy? I’m sure many of your students’ parents would disagree.”

Another said: “My deputy head got done for being a nonce as I was leaving there, can’t say I am surprised at this.

“After further investigation I’ve found out this is my old English teacher.

“How it’s taken until now for him to get the sack is so far beyond me.”

A video on the Broxburn Academy YouTube page last year shows a teacher prancing around in a red morph suit while sending a goodbye message to school leavers.

Broxburn Academy’s deputy head Kirstie Richmond declined to comment today.

A spokesman for West Lothian Council today said: “An issue at a lunchtime World Book Day event is currently being addressed internally.”

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