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Why is a Horticultural Wholesale Supplier Cheaper?

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Are you unsure where you should be purchasing your horticultural supplies from? Well, you can choose between buying from retailers or going to a wholesaler. Ultimately, if you want to save money and keep your costs down, you are better off finding a trustworthy wholesale supplier.

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This is the advice that most people would give you. But, why are wholesale supplier prices cheaper and are you really going to save money? Let’s find out.

Why Wholesale Suppliers are Cheaper

Are you wondering why wholesale suppliers offer cheaper prices than retailers? Well, it all has to do with how they acquire their stock. You can still get the same great products but they are just going to be at lower prices to you as a business. Namely, a wholesale supplier usually makes purchases from a factory or manufacturer. They do this in large quantities. This allows them to then offer these products and sell them at cheaper prices.

Often, it is going to be businesses that purchase from wholesalers. This is because they need a lot of products at once. But, a lot of horticultural wholesale suppliers know that a variety of different people need these types of products. So, you will also find that allotment owners, farmers and business owners are able to shop there and enjoy cheaper prices too. If you are looking for a trusted UK wholesaler for your horticultural supplies, be sure to check out Dejex. They have been in business for more than 40 years and will have everything you need whether you are a business or enjoying a hobby.

Therefore, you can expect horticultural supplies to be cheaper from a wholesaler than a retailer. In particular, the cost per unit will be less and this means that you can save money over time. For instance, you may pay out more for supplies at first because you are purchasing them in bulk. But, when you work out the cost of each item, it is going to be less for your business.

The wholesale price you can expect will vary depending on a variety of factors. For instance, this can be down to the product you are buying, the brand of the product and even how long the item has been on the shelves. It is possible that different wholesalers will offer different prices too. You can always shop around and find a deal that you are happy with.

Other Reasons to Purchase from a Horticultural Wholesale Supplier

Of course, you are going to enjoy cheaper prices when you buy your supplies from a horticultural wholesaler. But, are there any other benefits you can look forward to? The answer to this question is yes. Let’s take a look at some other reasons why you should buy from a wholesaler.

Buy in Bulk

It is going to be advantageous to purchase from a wholesaler when you need a lot of horticultural supplies. You can buy the products you need and a lot of them at the same time. This is going to suit your needs, as well as save you from having to shop for them all the time. You can simply buy many items to last you a number of months. What’s more, you will know that it is common for there to be shortages during popular times of the year. When you buy in bulk, you are not going to have to worry about items going out of stock. You can purchase many of them at once and keep a supply for yourself.

Products in One Place

When it comes to horticultural wholesalers, this is going to be a place where you can get all of your supplies. Whether you are looking for fertiliser, new pots or even grow tunnels, wholesalers stock a lot of products that you can shop for. So, forget about wasting time shopping around different retailers. You can probably get them all under one roof at wholesalers.

Enjoy the Best Brands

You will often hear people say, ‘you get what you pay for’. Indeed, this can be the case with certain products. But, it is not necessarily a problem with wholesalers. Yes, you are going to be paying cheaper prices for items. Yet, reputable horticultural wholesalers know that growers are looking for specific brands. So, they make sure that they are stocking them. Therefore, do not be put off by the prices you see at wholesalers. This is actually a fantastic opportunity to grab the best brands at more affordable prices.

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