Wednesday, August 17, 2022
BusinessRound of a-paws: Scots recruiters move to dog-friendly workplace

Round of a-paws: Scots recruiters move to dog-friendly workplace

A SCOTS recruitment consultancy has transformed its office into a dog-friendly workspace in a push to boost employee health, productivity and morale.

Edinburgh-based Core-Asset Consulting has welcomed furry friends from sausage dogs to spaniels in a move that has seen staff and dogs alike thrive from a new-look way of office working.

Coveted photographer David Ho was called upon to take photos of Core-Asset Consulting staff with their new “co-workers”.

Betsy Williamson, Founder and MD of Core-Asset Consulting who takes her dogs Loki, Pluto and Atlas into the Edinburgh HQ sees the switch to the workplace style as a privilege.

Core-Asset Consulting staff pictured with their dogs.
The Core-Asset Consulting team are bringing their pooches into the office on Melville Street.

Betsy said: “There are some huge advantages to adapting offices into pet friendly spaces.

“Not only are dogs known to reduce stress, which is a factor in any workplace environment, but they also offer reason to take desk breaks which can be vital to both mental and physical health.

“Embracing pets can also provide workplace socialisation time.

“Pets can bring joy and companionship which in turn can have a positive impact on employee productivity, retention and working culture.

“It also keeps dogs from being left alone at home all day which negatively impacts their health and well-being.”

With up to 10 dogs on the current staff roster, it has also given those without a dog a chance to get walking with the consultancy’s canines.

This is just one of a number of initiatives the recruitment specialist has implemented in a bid to boost employee wellbeing, including a weekly running club where Core-Asset Consulting’s staff and dogs alike are encouraged to get active together.

Rachael O’Neill, Associate Director at Core-Asset Consulting who brings her Redfox Labrador, Luca into work five days a week said: “Having been one of the many to get a puppy during lockdown, it’s brilliant to be able to bring her in every day now we have returned to the office. 

“Whether its myself or other members of the team, its important to be able to take her out on a nice day to clear thoughts and get away from the desk.

“Even if it’s just for five minutes, it can really improve the working day.

“Dogs genuinely make everyone happier which has led to a really positive working environment.”

Core-Asset Consulting’s dog friendly office sits across four floors on Melville Street in Edinburgh’s West End.

Betsy added: “We’ve all seen the monumental rise of pet owners since the pandemic and as staff are starting to return to office, its important that employers offer opportunity for pets to find a place in 9-5 lives.”

Core-Asset Consulting was formed in 2005, and is now a £14m business working across the entire financial services sector.

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