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REVIEW – Captivate Theatre – The Addams Family: A New Musical


IF YOU are looking for not just a musical, but one of the best comedy shows to see at the Edinburgh Fringe, look no further.

Captivate Theatre, who brought you Sunshine on Leith, bring you a new take on the gloomy and kooky Addams family.

Addams Family: A New Musical is the perfect show for all the family.

Captivate Theatre take to the stage in their show The Addams Family: A New Musical at the Edinburgh Fringe.
The Addams Family: A New Musical impresses at the Fringe this year, packed with musical numbers and comedy.

Sitting down to the start of the show, the usual finger snapping sinister tune was not the first musical number expected.

Instead, it was like an Addams family take on the Copacabana song.

You definitely wouldn’t expect to see the entire Addams Family dancing and doing bunny hops in the first five minutes of the show, but you do!

The show and story itself are fast paced, with three simple boards on set, which moved around from scene to scene.

The families’ ghostly ancestors doubled up to move around and dress up the set. (Keep an eye out for the painter!) 

The ancestors would usually return to their crypt, but not tonight.

Uncle Fester needs their help because an awful and ghastly thing has happened – Wednesday Addams is in love with a boy. 

Each character is played to perfection.

Aiden Cross plays the suave Gomez Addams who is torn between keeping a secret for his daughter Wednesday (played by Sophie Gee) and keeping that secret from his wife Morticia (played by Jess Nolan). Both women give fantastic performances. 

Lucas (Luke Davidson) falls in love with Wednesday Addams, after seeing her in Central Park with a deadly crossbow in her hands.

They plan to run away and get married but need a dinner with both their parents to happen first.

Wednesday has such a powerhouse voice and gives a memorable performance with Pulled.

Wednesday Addams is not known for smiling and laughing, crying and being in love, but you will see her pulled in all sorts of directions. 

Enter characters like Pugsley, Grandma and Lucas’ parents – overworked and uptight father Malcolm (Robbie Small) and chirpy and quirky Alice (Roza Stephenson) and you are in for an awkward and memorable dinner party! 

With lots of one liners and fast quips, this show certainly appeals to everyone.

The show is full of original and witty numbers, with each song as captivating as the next.

Crazier Than You, Trapped and Secrets are the ones to look out for.  

Uncle Fester has one of the funniest yet serene songs of the show – The Moon and Me – which is sure to bring a lot of laughs from the audience. 

Truths will be revealed, and you will learn what it truly means to be an Addams. 

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