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EntertainmentREVIEW- Bella Hull- Babycakes

REVIEW- Bella Hull- Babycakes


“VIEWER discretion advised if you’re a little bitch” is definitely what you want to read as you are booking tickets to this hilarious and at times inappropriate comedy show.

You don’t come to see Bella Hull for a serious and harrowing story. You come to see Bella Hull for the stupid jokes, boyish humour, and lots of gossip. 

Bella exudes confidence as she seamlessly flows between stories.

Hear about when she was growing up, her first jobs, ex-boyfriends, dating after lockdown and being rude to someone on a boat (that’s important, trust me).

BellaHullHeadshot (C) The Other Richard
Bella Hull covers everything from porn to failed jobs to Avril Lavigne. (C) The Other Richard.

We also hear about #flee and her sassy catchphrase during her character-building years. 

Playing to sold out shows, she handles difficult and delicate subjects in such a humorous way that the audience feel at ease and able to laugh at the dark humour. 

From porn to feminism and Avril Lavigne, this isn’t just a show for twenty-something-year-old women.

Unless there is a 10-year-old girl in the crowd, then in that case you better cover their ears.

Or don’t. As Bella points out, “this was your parenting decision, so that’s on you”

She has the same dreams and aspirations as a lot of us – wanting money, a kitchen island, and to be a MILF.

Bella talks about that special moment when you look into someone’s eyes, and you immediately know…money. 

She also playfully touches on the taboo subject of feminism being a tragedy.

Thanks to someone way back when, woman have to unfortunately work and can’t just sit there looking pretty and smelling nice, she quips.

There is just so much packed into this show, and all of it will make you laugh. Bella talks so comfortably to the crowd that you forget that she isn’t a friend gossiping with you. 

If you want to hear about Pimps ‘n’ Hoes parties, Albert Einstein, and that ballgown at the top of the stairs moment, then get ready for a sensational performance from an incredibly feisty woman. 

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